Written While PJ Whines in Time-Out

M left yesterday on another business trip.  He’s been looking forward to this one.  He gets to go to a company to try out this really innovative software he developed.  Everybody has been super impressed with him since he found such a simple solution to a huge problem.  He expected some awesome treatment while he was there, and for good reason.  He’s making both companies TONS of money with this software.

He was also excited enough about the location that it was his primary reason behind getting a point-and-shoot camera for his birthday.  He expected to have at least a little time for sightseeing and wanted something to be able to bring back pictures for me.

Well, he began to suspect his sightseeing time would be cut short when the sales guy he was traveling with set up for them to go to a baseball game with the other company’s liaisons.  That would take up all of yesterday evening, the only night they ended up staying.  He was okay with it, despite being anything but a sports fan, because he was told the company was springing for box seats.

Then he got there last night to discover they were not box seats, but pretty bad ones instead.  The company liaison was a good friend of the sales guy, and the baseball game was an excuse to get together with the friend on the company’s dime.  The guys ended up drinking like fish through dinner, the whole game, and then at a bar afterwards.  M doesn’t drink at all, so this was annoying to him.  He won’t begrudge someone else a drink, but he felt a bit uncomfortable having no choice as he was carted from one drinking location to the next as the other guys just got drunker.  He didn’t even get to advise the drunk driver not to drive in  his state because of his unique business situation.  I’m just grateful he made it back to the hotel safely, even if it was incredibly late.

Needless to say, he’s already a bit disappointed about the trip, and he hasn’t even had his chance to show off the software yet.

Meanwhile, at home, I’ve been dealing with a toddler who has put on his worst behavior for me.  I deal with him every day, but about the time yesterday that he realized his daddy wasn’t coming home from work, he flipped out.  He got many more punishments than usual and ended up in bed early because I was afraid I’d hurt him the next time he earned a punishment.

It turns out I NEED the break that M gives me in the evenings.  Even if I still end up doing most of the work that involves the boys, he’s at least around to help with the disciplining.  I didn’t really understand how much his mere presence helped me until this trip.

But he’ll be home tonight.  He may be disappointed that the trip didn’t turn out the way he hoped, but I’d rather he was disappointed and home with me than disappointed and several states away.


One Response to Written While PJ Whines in Time-Out

  1. erin says:

    That totally sucks that he was so excited about the trip and it ended up being not so great! 😦 That guy sounds like an ass, getting piss drunk w/ your husband w/ him for business…not very professional and talk about rude! At least he’s coming home safely.

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