Only Got 35 of My 40 Winks

April 30, 2008

M made it home safely last night without any problems.  He watched the co-worker down another five beers while waiting for the plane.  Can we say alcohol problems?  Fortunately the actual installation of the software at the company yesterday was a breeze, and he totally impressed everyone with how awesome it was.  So he was gone for nearly two full days for two hours of work.  Nice.

In other news, BabyN has decided to tweak his daily routine, and I hate it.  No, I loathe it.  Remember my love of sleep?  I love my job because most days I get to sleep late.  But BabyN has become that jerk boss with ridiculous demands, including being attended to super early in the morning.  He wakes up desperate to eat and then coo at me and play.  And God forbid I try to sleep while he sits and plays next to me.  No, I MUST be giving him my full attention as long as he is awake.  And he’s so darned cute.  Who can be that cute that early in the morning?  He doesn’t even mind my morning breath.

Then about the time I give up and get up for the day at a barely reasonable hour, he decides it’s naptime.  But by now, PJ is up and running circles around the house and begging for another episode of Blue’s Clues, so going down for a nap myself ain’t gonna happen.

I suppose I could always remedy the problem by just going to bed earlier and planning to get up for the day early.  But what’s the fun in that?  I enjoy pretending to be a night owl with my husband every night.  (Truthfully?  I’d rather go to bed an hour or two earlier than we do and get up at a more reasonable time, but I feel like I’m getting away with something by staying up late.  Oh, and I get to sneak a few more alone minutes with my hubby this way.)

Anyway, I’m sure this early waking is just a phase for BabyN.  I remember PJ going through a similar phase–and then he discovered the wonders of sleeping late.  That phase has lasted much longer.  Aah, a kid after my own heart.