No Common Thread

May 1, 2008

I got my first birthday card today, an e-card from my grandma.  Sweet, isn’t it?  I would feel worse that she forgot my actual birthday by a whole week if she wasn’t trying to keep straight birthdays for twelve grandkids and fifteen-ish great-grandkids.  I think it’s safe to say my siblings and I got our fertility from her side of the family.  Seriously.

I guess since I’m already receiving birthday wishes for ever-important 29th (the last I’ll have until I can no longer reasonably pass for 29, I suspect), I should probably send my mother my wish list.  She always insists on one.  I don’t know why since it’s almost always the same: clothes and books.  Oh, well, I guess that should be easy to type up and e-mail her.

In totally different news, I need advice.  PJ has decided to be totally destructive in his room and is slowly but surely destroying the window blinds.  He’s figured out how to rip up one of the vinyl slats and pull it out.  We’re missing a section of about six already, three just from this morning.  We’ve thought about replacing it with the nice wooden blinds, but he broke one of them in our study (the only window that faces the front of the house).  I don’t know what to put in that window to block out the light so the boys will sleep that PJ also can’t totally destroy.  Eventually the punishments he is getting for tearing up the blinds will start to work, but I need the boys to sleep between now and then.

So what do you use in your kids’ rooms?  Have you ever had a problem like this?  Do you have any ideas whatsoever for me?