Drowsy Ponderings

May 2, 2008

You can picture the scene: birds chirping happily outside, greeting the sun as it barely starts to peer over the horizon.  Imagine the peaceful classical music playing in the background.

Suddenly the peace is pierced by a single cry, followed shortly by another, then another.

I stumble out of bed, lurching like a zombie and blind without my glasses, rescuing the all-too-awake baby from his crib.  It is an ungodly hour, even more ungodly than the rest of the week.  He coos and gurgles at me while I change his diaper by instinct only, as my glasses are still in their usual bedtime spot on my nightstand.

Somehow I manage to get him back to bed with me where he eats and eats like a starved little cherub (minus the wings).  I attempt to doze off during this time, but the ever-kicking legs continue to jab me in the stomach and legs, waking me if I even get close.

Then I realize I don’t feel those jabs any longer, and the sucking seems to have stopped.  I open my eyes to glance down at his peaceful face.  His eyes are still open, but staring at nothing.  I let the content smile creep across my face, as I recognize this as the first step to him falling back asleep.  I settle back down for a good long nap myself.

Something changes.  Either M moves in his sleep, or the dog rolls over, or the air conditioner kicks on–it doesn’t matter what changes, just that something does.  It startles BabyN.  I only know this has happened because suddenly two itty-bitty super-sharp teeth dig into my nipple.

I fight crying out in pain so as not to wake M or the dog, but I make sure to check that the entire nipple is still there once I pry the teeth out of it.  I can’t believe that kneeing a guy in the crotch could hurt him any worse than this.

Whew.  No blood this time.

Then I have to wonder…Do the peaceful moments that precede this one really make up for this pain?  Is breastfeeding worth it at this stage when you have a biter?

But soon enough, BabyN is back snuggled up against my side, drifting off to Neverland in the crook of my arm, and the pain in my breast has receded to a mere memory.  Yeah, it’s worth it, I think as I let sleep claim me again as well.