The Weekend Rundown

So the weekend didn’t go quite as planned.  It wasn’t bad, and I had fun getting to hang out with my little family, but I guess I’m still a little disappointed.

We had plans to go shopping again on Saturday.  I realized we hadn’t hit Kohl’s yet.  I’ve never been a huge fan; their prices really aren’t the deals they’d like to pretend they are.  But I figured it couldn’t hurt to look.  Besides, the home improvement stores are across the street, and we needed to find something to cover the window in the boys’ room.

PJ didn’t wake up from his afternoon nap until really late, though, so we didn’t get to go shopping until almost 6:00.  The boys still needed to eat dinner and get to bed around 8:00, so obviously we were a bit rushed.  Between feeling rushed, having a PJ who wasn’t in the mood to let me shop, and seeing just how messy Kohl’s was (seriously, do their employees ever clean the store? PJ was picking up clothes from the floor the whole time we were there), I gave up actually finding anything other than the bathing suit I searched twenty minutes just to find matching pieces for.  At least I found that, but I was disappointed that after all that time, I walked out of the store after trying on one bathing suit and buying only that.

We still didn’t get the boys to bed anywhere near on time.  I was insistent that we get their window covered with the window film thing we found at Home Depot (like contact paper, but specifically for windows) before bed so that maybe BabyN would sleep later in the morning.  It took longer than we thought, so both boys were very upset by the time we could get them down.  But they went down fine when the time finally came and fell asleep almost immediately.

I didn’t have the same luck.  I was wound up or something and lay awake until 1:30 in the morning.  I wasn’t too upset about it, though, because I knew M would let me sleep late in the morning if I couldn’t make myself get up for church.  But two hours after falling asleep, I was awake again.  BabyN was crying.

Fast forward through the next two and a half hours.  I tried everything I could think of to get him to go back to sleep.  He was obviously teething–four teeth at once that were swollen all of a sudden.  We tried medicine, rocking, feeding, you name it.  Finally at 6:00 in the morning, he decided he was sleepy enough to crash.  Remember I’d only had two hours of sleep by this point.  Church wasn’t even an option anymore.  I just put him down in our room so we wouldn’t disturb PJ.  I didn’t get to see whether the window film would work because of it, but I cared more that we could all get a few hours of sleep before they started waking up again.

When I finally got up at 11, I still hadn’t gotten my eight hours.  I spent the day kind of cranky and sleepy yesterday as a result.  It was worth the lost sleep to take care of BabyN, but I’m glad it only happened the one night.  I feel better after a full night’s sleep last night.

And by the way, the window film worked last night.  He didn’t wake up until about an hour and a half later than he has been lately.


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