New Levels of Exhaustion

May 13, 2008

Thank goodness BabyN finally cut one of those teeth.  Now I’m just waiting for the other three (five?) to cut before life can get back to a semblance of normal.

I went to bed early last night, for good reason.  But I just lay there for forever unable to sleep.  I knew as soon as I did, BabyN would wake up crying.  Besides, it’s been crazy hot around here, even with the a/c cranked way down.  I keep waking up uncomfortable and sweaty when I do sleep.

I was right, and less than three hours after I finally dozed off, BabyN woke up crying.  I was so far out of it that his crying was a part of my dream at first, and it wasn’t until he had woken up PJ that I realized it was happening in real life.  So at four in the morning I was comforting two upset babies.

Last night I was lucky, though.  BabyN fell asleep while I was comfort-feeding him in bed (don’t judge me–I was desperate!).  I slept awful because of the uncomfortable position I was forced to hold for hours at a time, but at least I slept.  Well, between random itches that I tried not to scratch out of fear that the movement would wake BabyN.

Then I was able to move him to the playard by our bed where he slept another couple of hours, and then he slept another hour or so when I fed him later in the morning.

Altogether, I may have gotten about seven hours.  If they had happened all at once, I would be feeling pretty good today.  But because they were cobbled together a few minutes at a time, I’m dying for a nap today.  My head hurts again, for the fourth (fifth?) day in a row, and I ache everywhere.  Although, the aching could easily be from sleeping in uncomfortable positions instead of lack of sleep.

I’m hoping and praying that today goes very different from the last few days and BabyN decides to take a looooong afternoon nap.  I’m in desperate need of one myself.

But I’m looking on the bright side of things.  In the chaos of last night, BabyN finally sprouted one of those teeth that have been keeping him from sleeping.  Three to five more are imminent.  Most likely I don’t have more than a few more days of interrupted sleep before he crashes for days in relief from the pain.  At the very least, I can sleep then.

Oh, and even though he’s slightly behind his cousins of similar ages in physical milestones, he’s the only one with teeth.  He’ll have a whole mouthful before either one of them has sprouted even one.  It’s nice to know he’s precocious in something, right?