Good Things Come in Threes

May 14, 2008

Yay!  Today is M’s and my third anniversary!  It started with M waking up to find his youngest son sharing the bed with us.  Again.  Things have got to get better soon.  In the meantime, I’m loving the snuggle time, that just feeling me close was enough to soothe him back to sleep last night.

In all the short spurts of sleep I got through the night, my mind managed to piece together a dream about a wedding.  I find this particularly coincidental because I hadn’t remembered what today was until I got a sweet e-mail from my husband a little while ago.  (I would have remembered eventually, I’m sure!)

I wish I could remember more from my own wedding day, though.  I remember lots, especially dropping the bomb of the baby growing in my belly on my sister just minutes before we walked down the aisle.  Hey, she asked, and I couldn’t lie to her.

I also remember how M and I were about to cry from the sappiness of the moment as I walked down the aisle–until the edge of my dress knocked over one of the aisle decoration thingies that had a lit candle on top.

Then I remember staring into M’s eyes through the rest of the ceremony.  It was like I didn’t even notice there were other people there watching me.

I felt like a princess that day, despite the nasty morning sickness that insisted on plaguing me even that special day, and M was the main reason for that, not even the perfect dress.  He made me feel so special.  I was clearly the only person in the room for him as well.

When my mom and I were doing wedding preparation stuff, the very first time we had to put down non-refundable money on something, she felt the need to encourage me to ignore my thrifty ways.  If my feelings changed between then and the wedding, even if it happened the day before, I needed to back out of the wedding without concern for all the cost or hassle involved.  She was worried that I’d knowingly make a mistake to avoid wasting money.

But I knew right then that I wasn’t making a mistake.  The day before the wedding came, then the day of the wedding, and not once did I question my decision to marry M.  And now, three years later, I still don’t regret it.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

If you’re reading today, M, happy third anniversary!