I’m Back and Desperate to Blog

June 2, 2008

We’re back from vacation.  Actually we got back yesterday afternoon, but we’ve been busy unpacking and making this place livable again.  We still have lots to do.  Being gone for a week sure makes you notice how cluttered and dirty your house is when you see it again.

Anyway, I have lots of stories to tell from the week.  If I get time later tonight, I’ll start telling them.  Otherwise, they’ll have to wait until tomorrow when normal routines return as M goes back to work.  I promise they’re worthwhile–everything from the frustrating to hilarious to sweet.  Oh, and I’ve already taken the several HOURS to catch up on all of your blogs.  Sorry for the lack of comments (like that’s new), but I was more interested in catching up than saying something about it just yet.  It looks like a lot happened with you guys in the last ten days!

And can you believe I actually stayed away from the computer, e-mail, and blogs for a full ten days?!