It’s Pee-J Today

June 6, 2008

My washing machine has been working overtime since getting home from vacation.  I managed to put off doing any laundry right away since we did it halfway through vacation at the in-laws’, but I still had three loads to do on Tuesday.  Usually that one time is all I have to do for the week, which is great since I really hate laundry.

Then yesterday PJ woke up with a urine-soaked bed.  This would be no big deal if he had ever taken off with potty-training, but he’s still wearing a diaper to bed (well, all the time really).  His diaper was dry.  The kid will NOT stay in his pajamas, so lately he’s been going to bed in just a diaper.  And now he’s learned how to play with the velcro tabs on his diaper.  I guess he either opened the front of the diaper just before peeing or had it open all night and just refastened it before I got him out of bed.

So yesterday I got to do another load of laundry–his sheets.  It’s sad that we’ve done enough lately that PJ is getting excited every morning about helping me do “nawnree.”

Then again today he woke up with a smelly wet spot on his sheet.  He did the diaper trick again.  My poor washing machine is going to hate me before this phase ends.

I guess this is where I turn to you, all three-ish loyal readers.  Have any of you gone through a phase like this with your kids?  Is it a sign that I should be working harder on potty training?  Or do I just need to start using duct tape on his nighttime diapers*?  I’ve also considered using Pull-Ups on him at night; they would be harder to take off anyway.  Ideas?  Suggestions?

*The duct tape idea is a joke.  Mostly.