Observation or Revelation?

June 23, 2008

You know what I just realized?  I was reading through all of the new blog posts, and it suddenly dawned on me how different from me all of you are, both you whom I read and you whose blogs I stalk.  I know this shouldn’t be that surprising, but I guess thinking about having my best friend come over to visit today has got me thinking about all of that.  She’s practically my twin, even though we look nothing alike.  There are very few ways that we’re different.  It’s obvious that our numerous similarities are why we get along so well.

So why do I get along with all of you so well?  I mean, I have similarities with just about everyone I read in at least some way, but most of them are pretty superficial.  So we’re both mothers.  Is that enough?  Even when our parenting styles are totally different?  When our religious beliefs are on opposite ends of the spectrum?  Our political beliefs never coincide?  I have read so many posts from so many of you that I have refrained from commenting because I would rather avoid creating that kind of controversy.  On a PMS-y or argumentative day (okay, they’re pretty much the same), I could really get defensive about my opinions.

Yet despite all of the differences, I obvioiusly still feel some sort of connection to you.  It’s okay with me that we don’t necessarily agree on everything.  It would be nice if I could convince everyone to think like me, but I still like hearing about your opinions, even if I am totally opposed to them.  How boring would it be if I only bothered to associate with people who were exactly like me?

No point to this post, apparently…just merely an observation about myself.  It makes me wonder why I get so upset when people comment something that I don’t agree with, why I’m so nervous about saying something that creates controversy.  I obviously don’t want all of you to be exactly like me, or I wouldn’t read your blogs in the first place. 

Did I just realize that I’m a bit of a hypocrite?