July 1, 2008

I got the call this morning.  PJ is going to pre-school in the fall!  (Actually, it’s a Mother’s Day Out, but that’s basically a pre-school, right?)  He was second on the waiting list, and they’ve apparently already had two people drop out.  We just need to go officially register and give them an ungodly amount of money.

Even though it was a big enough step calling to get him on the waiting list and I’ve been expecting all along that he would end up going there in the fall, I’m finding myself entirely unprepared for this.  How can my little boy be big enough for pre-school already?  He can’t possibly be socially ready for it, and he isn’t anywhere close to being potty trained.

I’m going to have to give up my lazy morning schedule twice a week starting in September (or August…I’m not sure which), and I may end up actually getting stuff done out of the house while he’s at school.  I mean, I’ll already be dressed for the day, and it’s light-years easier to run errands when I only have one kid to get in and out of the car at each stop.

He’s going to need a backpack!  And a lunchbox!  And I’m going to need to start making him lunches for school!  How can we already be at this stage?  (And what do I fix a picky toddler for a lunch, when he doesn’t have access to a microwave?)

He’s going to suddenly have many more friends than I have.  He’ll start coming home from school talking about one friend or another, and I bet he even ends up with some birthday party invitations.  I don’t know what to expect from a 3-year-old’s birthday party, and I’ll probably even end up throwing one for PJ and all his MDO friends.  (But maybe, just maybe, his friends will end up getting me friends.  I can always hope, right?)

Come to think of it, PJ is probably way more ready for pre-school than I am.  He’ll probably walk right in that first day like he owns the place.  And I’ll probably walk out trying to hide the tears in my eyes–because I doubt even after a summer of preparing myself for that morning that I’ll be ready.  Are moms ever ready for a step like this?