Sick House

It seems that the plague or something (something oddly resembling a nasty cold) is making the rounds of our house.  BabyN started with it a couple of days ago, with a little more fussing than normal and a bit of a runny nose.  It has since progressed to constant snot.  He’s been sleeping in our room where we can elevate one end of his bed more easily and set up a humidifer right next to him.  It seems to have helped because he’s pretty close to normal today.

M started getting sick on Sunday, was a little worse on Monday, and was tempted to take a day off work yesterday.  He’s pretty miserable.  It is a classic cold in him, which is how I’m diagnosing the rest of us.

I didn’t show any traditional cold symptoms until this morning.  I was just kind of loopy lately, with frequent bouts of dizziness and light-headedness.  As I didn’t have drainage or any sinus pain or any of that, I was at a loss to what could be making me feel like that.  Then this morning I woke up with a sore throat from drainage, one of M’s main complaints.  Now I’m thinking sinus pressure was causing the weird dizziness.

PJ, however, remains untouched by the plague.  This kid has an immune system made of steel.  He had poopy issues this morning, though.  Again.  At least he isn’t acting puny at all.  It’s much easier that I’m only dealing with one sick kid right now (and M), especially when I’m not 100% myself.

I think we got the cold from another kid at the doctor’s office last week.  As I was signing in, another mom walked in holding her son who looked and sounded exactly like my family has this week.  I hate that we went in for a well-baby check-up and came home sick.  What’s the sense in that?  Oh, well, each small illness he gets now boosts BabyN’s immune system, right?  And really we’re not that bad off; the cold in January was much worse than this.


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