July 3, 2008

BabyN is totally talking.  I decided that for sure this morning when he was babbling randomly–until the dog showed up.  He got really happy and repeated her name over and over.  I think he also says, “Dada” when he wants his dad and his brother’s nickname for him when he wants PJ.  I could also swear that he said “PJ” the other day when PJ was crying.

And now he’s trying to crawl.  He’s really doing a good job of army crawling around in a circle, and I suspect it won’t be long before he decides to get up on those knees and take off.

All of this is happening while he’s still fighting the cold, too.  Now it’s settled into his chest.  He sounds pretty bad even if he doesn’t act like he feels that awful.  I guess that means I’ll be spending my 4th making sure we don’t need to make a trip to the ER for breathing issues.  (Yes, I already called his doctor, and we all agreed he wasn’t bad enough to be seen.  I’m just hoping he stays that way.)

Other than that, there’s very little going on around here.

Oh!  That’s not all.  I can’t believe I forgot that M and I made yet another resolution to start working out again.  We’re going to make ourselves do some sort of video workout as soon as we put the boys to bed.  I hope we actually stick with it this time, since I’m feeling awfully fat these days.  I’m a full ten pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight now, which is a lot more than it sounds when you’re as small as I am.  Maybe getting a regular workout will help give me more energy, too.  I’m tired of being so tired all the time.  So wish us luck–and motivation–that we’ll actually stick to our plan this time.