Dino Love

July 11, 2008

PJ has started carrying around his green dinosaur with him everywhere.  Doddledo eats all his meals with us, complete with a bib, and is hand-fed pieces of whatever PJ is eating.  He even gets PJ’s seat if M isn’t eating with us so PJ can get his seat.  PJ sacrifices and eats whatever Doddledo wants to eat.  I have to tuck Doddledo into his bed next to PJ at naptime.  Doddledo is being treated like a third child.  Fortunately he’s quieter and less demanding than the other two at least.

All of this started after our exciting day on Tuesday.  PJ spent all day with a friend, someone to share every part of his day with (except for sleeping), and since then he has insisted on bringing his friend Doddledo along with him everywhere.  I absolutely love watching him play like this.  He “helps” Doddledo walk from place to place and will hold his hand as he drags him along the ground.  When PJ wants to jump, Doddledo does too.  PJ is sharing every aspect of his day with the dinosaur.

I think that this shows how important PJ feels it is for him to have a friend, though.  When he doesn’t have a real little boy to play with, Doddledo will have to do (his brother apparently isn’t quite enough).  This is why I’m so excited that he’s starting MDO in the fall.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m nervous about it for my sake, but I know without a doubt that it is the best thing for him.  He is going to grow up so much in his two days a week at MDO.  I expect that his days of dragging Doddledo along with him everywhere will come to an abrupt end when he starts making real friends at “school.”

(Now Doddledo is driving his play car into the other room.  Since his feet don’t quite reach the ground, PJ is helping by pushing the car wherever Doddledo wants to go.)

In other news, I’ve been having lots of fun playing around with some of the photos I took the other day for my friend’s girl’s birthday.  I’m super excited that I found a new photo editing program that is much easier for me to use, and I’m finding myself editing these photos so that they look nearly professional.  I may still lack the natural artistic talent for this, but I can fake it awfully well with the software.  Later I’ll probably put up a few of them on my private flickr account so you can see some of the better photos I’ve taken lately.  I’ll let you know when that happens.