Confession Thursday: It’s Back

July 17, 2008

Were any of you around long ago, when back in the first few months of my blog I started something I called Confession Thursday?  It was my chance to be brutally honest about myself, a quality I quickly became known for.  It didn’t take long for every day to look like a Confession Thursday, so I quit doing it.

I’ve decided to resurrect it today, quite possibly only for today, as a way to lighten the mood here.  Counterintuitive?  Probably.  But that’s what makes it work.

So in no particular order, here are the silly things I’m typically too embarrassed to admit to anyone:

–I watch too much TV, although not nearly as much now as I used to.

–I don’t cook.  I wish I was any good at it, or even that I liked it, but it’s not happening.  An impressive meal from me is one that requires the oven at all, even if it came out of a box.

–In the evenings, M and I spend quality time together over a computer game.  Oh, but that’s not all; it gets way nerdier.  The game is World of Warcraft, quite possibly one of the nerdiest games of all.  And I love every second of it.

–I didn’t skip classes much at all in college.  If I did, I had a good reason to do so.  In fact, I actually enjoyed chapel, the most skipped part of the day for the majority of the campus.  Sometimes I still miss that part of college.

–Even through my single days I sometimes slept with the blankie I had as a comfort object as a child.  I still have the blanket (what’s left of it), but it sits high on a closet shelf where nobody will discover it.

–I’ve got whiskers, chin hairs, whatever you want to call them.  They’ve gotten much worse since popping kids out, and I now have to pluck nearly every day.  I’m going to be one of those old women, whose grandkids don’t want to kiss her because her whiskers tickle their cheeks.

–I have at least one book on my shelf simply because I feel like any good English teacher (even former English teacher) should have a copy for appearance’s sake, even though I’ve never read all the way through it and don’t intend to.

–I hate veggies.  Every so often I choke down a few to be a good example for my kids (or to let my mother think I eat them because she watches me do so), but my diet and that of my whole family is generally greatly lacking in veggies.  Lettuce and tomato on a hamburger don’t count, do they?  Or tomato sauce on a pizza?  (Oh, wait, that’s a fruit anyway, I think.)

–Ever since the last trimester of the pregnancy with BabyN, I’ve gotten lazy about shaving my legs.  At first it was logistics; how exactly was I supposed to keep them smooth when I couldn’t reach them around the belly?  Now I just don’t care enough to take care of that more than once a week, and sometimes less often.  Back before kids, I usually shaved every two-three days during the summer (but you couldn’t hold me accountable for them during winter when they stayed covered all day every day).

I think that’s enough for today.  I’ll be thinking of more for another go at Confession Thursday in my future.  But what about you?  What’s the most embarrassing thing you don’t usually tell other people?