Eventually I’ll Be Able to Laugh About It

July 19, 2008

I knew things were going to be different this morning when I went back to sleep after BabyN’s early feeding with fire in my right boob.  It’s one of those painful lumps that precedes another bout of mastitis.  I’m still waiting on the fever and the delirious call to the doctor for antibiotics, but I suspect that’s around the corner.

M got up with the boys when BabyN decided he was up for the day at a thankfully late hour, and I tried to sleep off the boob pain.  It felt like just minutes later (even though it was a full hour) when the bedroom door opened and a 2-year-old leaped on the bed, followed shortly by a dog who wanted to get a whiff of my morning breath and lick the skin off my face.  I was up for the day at that point, oddly enough.

PJ didn’t want to leave the room with me, and my boob was hurting to much to physically drag him out, so I left him in our room for a few minutes, figuring he’d follow me as soon as he heard me in the kitchen getting breakfast.  Nope.  Instead, he decided to keep playing “sleep tight” on our bed, which required the door be closed.  As I sat down in the other room, I heard what sounded distinctly like the lock being turned on the inside of our door–where we couldn’t get to it.

I calmly pointed out to M that PJ had locked himself in our room, hoping he’d remember how to unlock it from the outside since I had forgotten what tool he had used to show me how ages ago when we first suspected this might become a problem.  He looked at the door and got a funny look on his face.  “Kayce, that tool we use to unlock the doors…it’s in the closet in our bathroom.”  Not long ago we decided to move the tools to an even more toddler-proof place in our house, which is unfortunately only accessed through our room.

Now what?

M was shirtless still, as he had only gotten up an hour earlier and didn’t want to come get dressed while I was still sleeping.  He borrowed my sweaty sleepshirt, leaving me in a bra, as he ran next door to find a neighbor to help.  After two runs to the neighbors, he finally found a tool to borrow that would work.  In the meantime, I was sitting shirtless on this side of the door, holding BabyN and listening for sounds of catastrophe from within our room.  I also spent lots of time trying to convince PJ to try to unlock the door himself.  No such luck, but at least he wasn’t upset about being locked in.  It was all a huge adventure to him.

Finally M had the appropriate tool.  It wouldn’t work.  He tried it on other locking doors and it worked fine, but not on this door.  Apparently the lock was broken so that it was unpickable.  By this point, PJ had been in there about twenty minutes unsupervised.  We couldn’t take the doorknob off because all his tools were still in the closet in our room.

M turned into Superman and grabbed that doorknob and twisted it just right so that it broke the locking mechanism altogether.  We decided it was easier to replace the doorknob than the kid.  Fortunately that worked, and we could get into the room again to see what kind of a mess PJ had made.

PJ was standing in front of my jewelry box with a handful of bling, happy as can be.  Nothing was broken, and the jewelry was the only mess in the room.

Yeah, it’s starting to get funny now.  Not so much at the time.

Of course, as soon as all this ended, the phone rang, and we spent the next forty-five minutes talking to my mom to figure out when she will fly down here to spend a few days with us.  I was on the phone trying to listen to both her and M and relay messages back and forth in the pauses in the conversations while chasing after a hyper toddler.  With a sore boob.

By the time everything settled down and I could get breakfast, it was lunchtime.  That’s what I get for trying to sleep late.  On the bright side, my mom is going to get to come visit for a few days, and then we’re going to drive up to her place while M is out of town for work, and then she’s going to drive back with us to spend another day or so with the whole family before flying back.  It sounds busy and complicated, but it’s a good way to maximize my time with her and not have to stay here all alone.  I can’t believe we worked it all out!