A Rant about Birth Control

I’m having some cramps this morning.  It’s a vaguely familiar feeling, but one I haven’t really felt for ages, well over a year and a half.  Is it that time of month for me, though?  I wish I knew.  I’ve had lots of “maybe this is it” moments over the past eight months since getting my IUD put in.  I’ve never known for certain, though, and that’s starting to annoy me.  I mean, I guess I shouldn’t complain about how light my periods are, if indeed I’ve had a period yet, but I think most of you will agree with me that it’s pretty disconcerting to never know when your cycle is happening.

If I didn’t know just how impossible it is to get pregnant with an IUD (and spermicide, just to be on the safe side), I’d be constantly taking pregnancy tests.  The hormone changes it makes throw me off a lot.  I’m often cranky like I’m PMS-ing, with or without any spotting that might or might not be a period.  I’ve even had some pregnancy-like symptoms, to a lesser degree, for a few days at a time.  They always dissipate before I decide I ought to pick up a pregnancy test, though.

Let’s just say that this is all driving me crazy.  I don’t know whether to blame the crazy business going on in my lady parts on breastfeeding or the IUD.  I don’t know how much longer I should put up with this before calling a doctor (not MY doctor, though, since she is no longer practicing–what fun).  I’m sure much of this is normal, but I’m frustrated enough with it that it’s tempting to beg to have it taken out already.  It will only be a few months before I quit nursing and can go on a normal pill, and if we’re careful until then I probably won’t end up pregnant again, right?

Yeah, like M would agree to that.  We’re still worried enough about my super fertility scoffing at the nearly 100% protection rate of the IUD to use the spermicide as a back-up.  Attempting the rhythm method would just be tempting fate.  But hey, I kinda sorta want a third kid eventually anyway–maybe.

Right.  Not going to happen.  I guess I just get to put up with all this nonsense for now.  I’ll take comfort in these dull cramps that at least it’s reassurance the IUD is doing its job, even when I don’t have the periods to reassure me as well.

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