Already Looking Forward to the Weekend

July 29, 2008

Did I tell you my mom is coming to town on Saturday?  When plans didn’t pan out for her to go to California for my niece’s first birthday, she decided to hang out here instead.  The following week M has to be out of town for a conference, so we decided to make an event out of the week.

Saturday she flies into town to spend the weekend with us.  After M leaves for the conference, she will drive with us back to her place so that I can spend the week there with her and Dad and not have to stay here all alone.  When her school inservice stuff is over (the only reason we’re bothering to go back at all), she’ll drive with us back down here to spend another day or so, and then she flies back up there the next Saturday.

I can’t even begin to articulate how excited I am.  I’m actually cleaning for her visit, even though I know she really won’t care.  AND I’m cleaning this far ahead of her visit, a full four days.  You know it’s a momentous occasion when I start prepping this early.

We’ve been talking almost every day lately, and it only makes me miss her more than ever.  It’s been far too long since I’ve gotten to see her.  I miss those days of easily being able to skip up there for a weekend at the spur of the moment.  I know that’s one of those sacrifices you make when you have kids, but I still miss it.

Anyway, pardon me if that’s all I talk about over the next few days; it’s just about all I can think about.