It’s been a long week, although a good one.  We got home Friday afternoon, and my mom left yesterday evening.  As usual after a massive change in his routine, PJ is out of control while he readjusts to the old routine.  It’s safe to say I am beyond exhaustion.  Between chasing PJ around his grandparents’ house, which is full of breakables and antiques, and then chasing him around here and not getting enough sleep any one night since my mom got here, I’m in dire need of some time to recuperate.

For the next few days, it’s likely I’ll still be scarce around here as I attempt to catch up on some sleep and keep one overactive toddler out of trouble.  Hopefully I’ll at least be able to find some time to catch up on all of your blogs, though.  So until then…

One Response to Recuperating

  1. Jessica says:

    Sorry you’re so tired but glad you had a good week! If you’re like me it’s so great to spend time with your mom!

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