A New Wardrobe

August 12, 2008

A few weeks ago I noticed something unusual when I got PJ up from his nap–his walls were covered with marks that looked similar to pencil marks.  It was like someone had scribbled all over them, someone short since the marks all mysteriously stopped about three feet above the ground.

It was with great reluctance that I told M.  I knew he would be devastated to see our walls ruined, especially since we had no idea what exactly had made the marks and therefore would be unable to prevent them from recurring.

Then later that day, we watched as PJ stripped his clothes, found a snap, and proceeded to “write” on the wall with the snap.  It left marks exactly like the ones we had found.  Apparently PJ had been using the snaps or buttons on his clothes to destroy his walls when he was supposed to be sleeping.

We severely punished PJ for the offense and proceeded to do so every time he started to do it again.  We cleaned the walls with one of those truly magic Magic Eraser things (ok, actually two) and managed to save ourselves a repainting job.

But the problem didn’t stop.  It didn’t matter to PJ what his punishment was, apparently it was more fun to write on the walls and no punishment was going to keep him from doing so.

We moved on to plan B that is working great so far–we have cut him off from having access to snaps or buttons.  We found the few safe t-shirts and shorts that he had and vowed to only clothe him in those.  All his cute clothes that included snaps now sit unused in his closet or have been passed down to his brother.  All BabyN’s clothes stay out of reach.  I can’t believe I’m locking up clothes because they have been deemed unsafe.

On the bright side, PJ’s in need of a new wardrobe, one that is safe to wear to bed.  I’ve been shopping clearance sales ever since.  I love that the stores are putting out their fall and winter clothes already, moving their summer clothes to clearance, when it’s still hovering around 100 degrees outside.  For about $60, we have managed to completely outfit him, probably with a more extensive wardrobe than he had before.  Some of the clothes are big enough he should be able to wear them next year, and the smaller ones will likely be perfect for BabyN next summer (if he doesn’t suddenly start growing faster again).

Of course, when we told this problem to his grandmothers, they insisted on helping out.  While we were gone last week, a package arrived from M’s mother.  It included two outfits that she claimed were safe, that included no snaps or buttons.  Well, one outfit is too big for him.  The shorts barely stay up over his diaper, but the shirt only barely fits over his big head.  It may only get one or two uses at all.  And it has buttons on the shorts.  I let PJ wear them yesterday anyway, and he only tried to write with them once.  I may be able to let him wear them again, but only with great hesitation.

The second outfit is a little too small.  He can still wear it for now, but it won’t last him long.  And I noticed when I put the shorts on this morning that they have shiny snaps all over them.  PJ has been trying all day to take the pants off.  I know the second he does, he will make a break for the wall to hopefully make his mark on it before I can snatch them back.  This may be the only time he wears this outfit.  What a waste!

It astounds me how clueless she can be sometimes when it comes to clothes.  I love that she wants to buy the boys new clothes, but not everything has to be designer–or grungy hand-me-downs from a friend.  I’m fine with clearance clothes–new but cheap.  Please don’t spend that much money on my kids!  And she never knows what size they wear.  When we visited in May, she presented us with two outfits so that the boys could wear the same outfits in pictures with their cousin.  The smaller one was too big for PJ.  BabyN couldn’t possibly wear either one; he’d be swimming in it.  Of course they were from an expensive boutique several hours away, so we couldn’t return or exchange them.  They both sit in the closet, waiting until either boy can wear them.  Maybe next summer.

It’s funny that she tried to blame me for the mistake.  I’d said in my blog that the boys were wearing the same size clothes and that it was the larger size she had bought, or so she says.  There seems to be some sort of reading comprehension difficulty if that’s the case, because I said nothing of the sort.  I mean, it’s really not that big of a deal; they will grow into them eventually.  We just had to do something different for the pictures with their cousin.  So why make such a big thing out of blaming me for the mistake?

Anyway, this was totally not supposed to turn into a rant about my MIL.  I intended to brag about the great deals I’ve been finding and how much fun it’s been to start over on PJ’s wardrobe.  I still can’t believe his misbehavior has led to so much fun for me.  I love getting to put him in new clothes day after day after day!  And he looks like such a big boy, wearing all those t-shirts and shorts, almost like he’s ready to start MDO in less than a month–which is another post entirely!