Adventures in Potty Training

Or not.

I don’t post much here or on the family blog about what’s happening in potty training-land.  There’s a reason for that.  Nothing’s happening.

Every couple of weeks I get motivated and try again.  I’ll ask PJ several times a day if he needs to pee, and we’ll go sit on his potty for a couple of minutes.  He gets bored and restless and tantrum-y if I let it go on too long, so eventually I just give up and put a diaper back on him.  He has yet to dribble one tiny drop in his potty.

Last week my mom gave it a shot.  He was obsessed with the potties at their house for some reason, so he asked several times a day to sit on the “pee-pee potty.”  Nothing, nada.  I think he just wanted to flush the toilet.

In the meantime, though, he has taken the diaper issues to a new level.  Remember how we’re already using duct tape to make it more difficult for him to peel it off and go commando during naptimes?  Now he’s also shredding off the ruffly stuff along the edges of the diaper.  I have to pick up little shreds of diaper after every naptime and in the mornings.  (And yes, this is usually in addition to making his bed from scratch–again.)

It doesn’t seem worth it to try to punish him for the diaper-shredding.  There’s a much easier solution, I’m thinking–big boy underwear.  It’s obvious that he understands the basics of the potty, and it’s obvious that diapers are starting to cause problems.  He’s nearly three, after all!  He should be at least sort of potty-trained by now.

Heck, his dinosaur is making better progress than he is.  He’ll take his dino to the potty when I’m going, and Doddledo has to have a turn when I’m done.  Apparently he is going well enough that he no longer needs to wear a diaper all the time.  (It’s really funny when he takes him to the potty.  He counts for him, like I usually do for PJ as a way to give him a minimum amount of time to sit on the potty.  This is how I’ve learned that PJ can count up to six at least.)

I’m trying not to get frustrated.  I know boys take longer to potty train and PJ isn’t exactly the most mature nearly-three-year-old around.  I know it can make it more difficult to push it when he’s not ready, and frankly that’s not a battle I want to fight just yet.  Nobody really seems concerned about it.  It’s just difficult when I see the diaper turning into such an issue and his obvious understanding of the pottying process.

Still, I’m doing my best to take this all with a sense of humor.  As my mom’s no-nonsense pediatrician from our early days would remind me, you don’t see kindergarteners still wearing diapers, so kids get the hang of it eventually.  What’s the point in fretting about it before you’re really considering buying diapers as school supplies?


One Response to Adventures in Potty Training

  1. heatherflaugh says:

    Sorry its been so long since I’ve left a comment. I’ve been in a blogging rut. BUT I do have some advise on potty training. Have you tried sitting him on the big potty? Tanner never wanted to use his little pott y, but he loved the grown up potty. Let him see your husband use the big potty. And don’t get fustrated. When he’s ready you’ll know. Just keep asking him. It seemed like with Tanner I stopped trying and one day he asked to go and it took less than 2 weeks to get him out of pull ups. Have you tried buying him cute big boy underware, that helped us too.

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