A Family Bonding Moment

M and I were getting ready to go somewhere right after lunch, but I hadn’t showered yet.  I ate a quick sandwich while M finished feeding the boys so that I could go take a fast shower.  Since the boys were occupied, I was looking forward to the luxury of a private shower, without any little boy eyes looking on, even if it was super fast.

Just as I was getting ready to get out, though, I watched as the bathroom door opens.  It’s important to know two things: 1) our shower only has a transparent shower curtain liner right now (the fancy one keeps coming off) and has a glass wall facing the bathroom door, so you can see the entire bathroom from our shower, and 2) I’m blind as a bat without glasses or contacts.  Seriously, I can only see blobs of color and basic shapes at a distance farther than about four inches.  No exaggeration.

First a 3-foot tall shape dressed in a dark color, like navy, came barreling through the door.  Shortly after, a larger, five-foot-ish tall shape carrying a squealing, smaller blonde one followed.  There went my plans for a private shower.  Suddenly I was putting on a show for all three of my boys.  Even the dog tagged along, making my shower a family affair.

PJ was quick to figure out what was happening, even though he has never taken a shower.  He knew Mommy was taking a bath, just standing up.  “Take a bath?” he repeated several times.  I laughed at him, proud that he knew exactly what was going on.

Then I turned and looked out the curtain.  There was a three-foot-tall shape that was quickly shedding that navy blue shirt and shorts.  I could make out only the white of his diaper as he walked up to the shower and pulled back the curtain.  “PJ take a bath?”

I really didn’t want it to become that kind of a family affair.  It was bad enough that I was showering for an audience of three (four if you count the dog); I didn’t exactly need company.

A couple of minutes later I was out of the shower and getting dressed while M and I still laughed at how readily PJ wanted to join me.  I looked at him and said, “You know I’m going to have to blog this, right?”

“Something like this has to be shared,” he agreed.  But I don’t know…is it too creepy?  Or is it forgiven because he’s two?  Either way, it’s a funny moment I want to remember and be able to relay to his future girlfriends years down the line.


One Response to A Family Bonding Moment

  1. MrsSSG says:

    no not creepy at all, just a regular day in the life of a family!

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