Is Summer Already Over?

I realized this weekend that today is the first day of school for most schools in the state.  I’m so incredibly relieved that it makes no difference to me.  It’s nice not to have to go back into teacher mode after that time off.

But that realization reminded me that in a way, the start of school does matter to me this year.  After all, the start of public schools also signals the start of private schools–and preschools and MDOs.

Yikes!  That open house for PJ’s MDO that was going to happen eventually, sometime at the end of the summer?  It’s Thursday.  Next Tuesday school itself starts for him.  It’s safe to say I’m nowhere near ready.

For one, he still has no backpack or lunchbox or anything of the sort.  I’ve been wanting to go shopping for that stuff all summer, but M wanted to wait until after the open house to see if they gave some recommendations for everything he would need.  That means we have to go shopping this weekend.  I hope we can find what we want and don’t have to settle on anything because we waited too long to start shopping.  I know my mom had been browsing for some time to see the selection of backpacks for something PJ would love, and she had had little to no luck.  I’m not so sure we’re going to find the perfect backpack in one weekend of shopping.  But I guess M’s suggestion is practical so that we only have to shop for school stuff the one time.

I’m also not ready to have to get up and ready according to a routine twice a week.  It’s a bit earlier than I’m used to as well, even though that I’m more than willing to work around.  I just don’t like the pressure to get up and ready and out of here by a certain time.  Church on Sundays is bad enough, and it’s late enough that the morning is still leisurely.  School starting at 9:30 (I think) is going to be quite an adjustment around here.

Emotionally?  Let’s not even go there.  I’m working on accepting that my little boy is ready for MDO, hoping that if I accept it as a fact I won’t let my emotions get out of control.  Maybe it won’t be the big deal I think it is to drop him off at his classroom next Tuesday, turn around, get in the car, and drive home with one less kid.

On the other hand, though, I am definitely ready to let someone else handle him for a few hours twice a week.  Yesterday we had another of those days (yes, that makes two in one week), and this time M got to see him at his…best.  He spent most of the day in time-out for ignoring us completely, and our patience was completely gone by the time he went down for his early bedtime.  Days like that make it just a little easier to think about letting him go a couple of times a week.  Maybe the socialization and classroom environment will help him get over this phase of awful behavior.

I’m also making plans for what I’m going to do during the day while he’s gone.  Those things I’ve put off doing because they were too difficult to do while wrangling two kids?  No longer a problem!  I may actually be able to take back the task of grocery shopping, instead of making it a family event in the evenings when we have two parents to handle the two kids.  Not that I’m telling M about that thought, just in case I decide against it next week.

Heh, a couple of times a week I’ll be able to potty without company and “help.”  I wonder what that’s like.

It’s funny to think how easy life is going to be with just one kid for those few hours twice a week when it wasn’t that long ago when having one child was still overwhelming.  Crazy how your perspectives change over time.  There might even be a day when thinking about having only two children would be easy.

But one thing at a time.  First we have to make it through Thursday’s open house and then PJ’s first day of “school” on the next Tuesday.  You know I’ll tell you how that goes right away.

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