August 27, 2008

Thanks for the suggestions yesterday in the comments.  I’m not sure I’m going to try a gym yet; between issues with our budget and feeling silly exercising in public, it’s not something I’m ready for just yet.  If I can’t get the weight gain under control, though, I may look into it.

I tried the idea to work for just a few minutes at a time yesterday.  I didn’t set a timer because I cannot leave a task unfinished even if I’m planning to get back to it before long, but I set myself a goal of finishing just one task at a time and then relaxing to reward myself.  I had several things on my to-do list since we were expecting company yesterday afternoon.

Surprisingly it worked.  I finished everything I was hoping to get done and without pushing myself.  I don’t know that I’m ready to do that much every day, but I can probably use that technique to do a chore or two every day and keep the place looking better than it does right now.

I’m trying to get M to help me stay motivated to work out more in the evenings with him and not give up just because I’m not losing weight.  At least I’ll feel like I’m doing everything I can to help the weight problem, so if my weight continues to climb, I’ll know it’s more of a medical problem and that I should see a doctor about it.

And about PJ’s evaluation yesterday afternoon–it went pretty much as I expected.  After no nap, PJ was still reasonably well-behaved.  He was pretty much himself, which gave the evaluator woman a pretty good idea of where he fit on the scale.  He has improved greatly in several areas of speech development, but he is still nearly a year behind.  That means my nearly-three-year-old is speaking more like a two-year-old.  That’s what I expected, though, so it wasn’t much of a blow.

The reason we were testing him this time was to see how far behind he was in the conversational aspect of speech.  He has many more words now but can’t seem to find appropriate responses to communicate back and forth, like in a conversation.  We were a bit surprised to discover that he tests reasonably well as high as the test goes.  It’s only 21 months, so he could still be a bit behind, but he’s doing better than we thought.

The test pointed out some gaps in his development, though.  Now we know these things are what we need to focus on, things like answering us when we ask a question or call his name.  We all suspect that watching other kids his age at MDO will help model this for him and that he’ll make progress quickly after next week.

Anyway, I had this whole other post in mind to write about today, but updating the happenings from yesterday’s post just seemed a little more important at the moment.  I guess I’ll save that something interesting for tomorrow.  In the meantime, it’s probably good for you all to know that things are looking up already.