Stuff’s Been Happening

I have SO much I need to post about that if I tried all at once, you guys would lose interest after the first hour of reading.  Never mind that I’d be ignoring my kids and husband the whole day, and a day off at that.  So I guess I’ll try the summary approach and then try to expand on what needs elaboration later.

Thursday: We went to PJ’s open house for MDO.  It went well, and I think PJ will enjoy it there.  He’s been talking about going to see “teecher” ever since.  While we were getting ready to leave for the open house, we got a call from the local elementary school to schedule an appointment for his special ed screening.  It was supposed to be on Friday morning (more about that in a minute).  Then once we got home from the open house, it was only a few minutes before PJ’s ECI teacher showed up.  We have now scheduled the rest of her visits until the one before his third birthday, when he will officially graduate from their program.  I’m glad they celebrate the graduation, even if it’s only because he’s too old to continue in the program.

Then Thursday afternoon, I got an e-mail from M that said very little, but the gist of it was that he had just been approved for a major promotion and raise.  Seriously, it’s like a 20% raise.  Considering he’s the youngest guy in his department and has only worked there three years, it’s a huge deal that he’s already supervising other employees.  Needless to say, we’ve been celebrating all weekend.

Friday: I got up really early to make the early appointment at the elementary school, but BabyN woke up inconsolable.  (He had done that once during the night, too.  We’re not sure what was wrong, but he was up screaming for a long time.)  While I was trying to comfort him, I realized I wasn’t feeling so hot either.  I ended up with some awful tummy issues all morning, much more than the typical nervous tummy.  I ended up calling and rescheduling the appointment when I realized I could only get out of bed enough to dash for the bathroom, much less get two kids up, dressed, and fed in addition to myself.  We’ll go back a week from today instead.

The rest of the day was spent recovering, including a long afternoon nap.  M was able to come home early, right after lunch, so I got a bit of a break to give my tummy time to recover.

Saturday: We spent most of the afternoon, right through naptime, at the eye doctor.  What should have been a simple appointment for both of us, just getting updated prescriptions for contacts, turned into something incredibly complicated.  We were both impressed with the doctor for being so thorough and explaning everything so well, but it made watching the kids kind of difficult.

Anyway, I am now supposed to wear my glasses for at least the next six months.  I have really dry eyes, which looks like contact overuse, even though I don’t wear contacts more than once or twice a week.  It’s a result of this weird droopy eyelid I’ve had since I was pregnant with BabyN.  Fortunately the eyelid isn’t any big deal–I had been wondering–just something cosmetic that a specialist could correct easily with a surgery (yuck!).  But I’m stuck with my glasses for six months and have to find a way to go back for another check-up before long.  Fun.

Saturday night, we had a friend from high school come hang out with us.  Both kids and the dog love her like one of their own, so it was a fun visit.  Her sister moved over here a month or so ago, about five minutes away from  us, so she has a good excuse to come hang out often.

Sunday: We slept late and then spent the afternoon running errands.  We had to get the stuff for PJ to be ready for school tomorrow.  His backpack is huge on him, and it’s the only small one we found.  We may keep looking for a while to see if we find something more appropriate, but he likes it just fine anyway.  He loves his Spiderman lunchbox, though.  He wants to carry it around like a purse.

And that brings us to today, hopefully a lazier day.  It seems like we’ve done more than just this, but I guess there was a lot of family time together too.  Hopefully I won’t go this long without blogging again, especially when there’s all this activity going on.  Tomorrow (with any luck) I’ll be able to tell you more about PJ’s school and maybe M’s promotion too.


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