Another Assessment

Today PJ had his special ed screening for the local school district.  All they did today was determine whether he was eligible for the full evaluation which will determine whether he’s eligible for the program.  Sound confusing?  Gotta love bureaucracy.

The screening went pretty much as I expected on PJ’s end.  He started off answering all their questions and jumping through all their hoops perfectly.  Then he got bored.  He started playing with their toys the way he wanted to and could care less what they were asking him to do.  Then he didn’t even care about their toys and was interested in anything else–pencils, necklaces, doors, etc.

On the bright side, his lack of cooperation means that they were unable to properly score him on the screening and he is eligible to come back for the full evaluation.  PJ’s ECI teacher had warned us that sometimes they are reluctant to do full evaluations and will pass a kid off during the screening if the problems are not severe.  In that respect, I’m glad his non-cooperation kept us from having to fight for the help we know he needs.

Still, it made for a very frustrating meeting.  BabyN was screaming bloody murder in my arms the entire time as well, which made everything that much more difficult.  I could barely hear over the screams.  (PJ came home from school Thursday with a runny nose and ran a minor–extremely minor–fever the next day.  I think BabyN has it now because he was running a slightly higher fever right before we had to leave.  Between not feeling good and being drowsy from the Tylenol, he was not a happy camper.)

I’m relieved to be back at home with both boys in bed now, but I keep wondering if there was anything I could have done to make the meeting go more smoothly.  Would it have helped if I’d been able to give PJ more attention and help guide him to do what the ladies wanted him to do?  Probably not.  He’s as stubborn for me as he was being for them.  They defintely saw the typical PJ.

Maybe I could have found someone to watch BabyN for the screening.  But where I would find this someone, I don’t know.  M certainly couldn’t take off work to do it; his promotion was being announced today and he kind of needed to be there for that.  Besides, BabyN is normally the easiest, most compliant baby ever.  Why would I ever anticipate he would act like he did today?

I guess I did everything I could.  If they think less of me because I couldn’t make my toddler jump through their hoops or keep my apparently sick baby from screaming, then I guess I’ll have to live with that.

And really, this isn’t about me at all.  Even with BabyN screaming, I was able to do everything in my power to make sure PJ is getting the help he needs.  We have a game plan for dealing with BabyN next time around, when we go for the full evaluation.  After that, I think it is entirely likely that PJ will officially be enrolled in special ed and will be able to continue getting help.  At that point, I probably won’t even remember the fiasco that was this first initial screening.


One Response to Another Assessment

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank goodness they’re going to do the full screening for him! I’m sure you’re relieved. As far as not getting PJ to jump through their hoops, isn’t that good? If he had it seems they wouldn’t have made him eligible for full screening.

    And as far as baby N? He’s a baby! People need to get over any problems they have with crying!

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