Because I’m a Blog Slacker

You know the only problem with normal?  It’s boring.  It was kinda fun blogging about being in a hurricane, but now that things are back to normal, I have nothing to say.

Here’s a funny story.  On Friday as the hurricane was starting to blow in, PJ looks up at me and asks to use the potty.  Just like that.  I laughed out loud and informed him that he’d chosed a particularly bad time to decide to potty train, what with not being sure we’d have indoor plumbing in the morning.  And possibly because I didn’t respond to his cues when he was ready, he still hasn’t peed in the potty yet.  Sigh.  That’s about right.

I’m also getting a cold.  It’s not that bad yet, but I’ve been fighting it for three or four days already and it gets just a little worse each day.  M fought it for well over a week.  At least I wasn’t sick with it during the hurricane, though, like my dear husband.  Can you imagine waking up to whistling wind outside your window and driving rain…because you had to cough and couldn’t breathe?  Otherwise he would have slept right through it.  He’s definitely a trooper to deal with all that mess while feeling pretty awful.

BabyN turns one on Monday.  On Monday!  How is it even possible that he’s been here for a year already?  Naturally we still have presents to shop for and cake to buy.  And naturally there are still very few stores open around here where we can get presents and cake.  He may get one of his gifts as a little brother gift at his brother’s party in a few weeks.  Luckily he’s too young to care.


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