Some Business

I think I’m finally going to do it…I’m going to delete the old blog, the one hosted by blogspot.  I know most of you didn’t even know it was still there, but a few of you make it here that way (so my stats page tells me) so I thought I would give you fair warning so you can fix your blogrolls before it’s gone altogether.

So I guess Sunday will be the day.  That’s two full days, which should be plenty.  By the end of the day Sunday, the blogspot address will no longer exist.

Why, you ask?  For one, it’s pointless to stay there.  I transferred all the old posts here when I started this blog, so it’s not like I want to keep it to remember all those early posts.  Also, I’m considering using PicasaWeb as my new flickr-like picture sharing site because of how easy it is to get pictures from Picasa online, since I use Picasa anyway.  But my PicasaWeb site automatically includes pictures from my blogger blogs.  It seems that is the site that hosts the photos.  If I share that page with family, they will be able to see pictures from ALL my blogger blogs.  Yup, even the old Afterthoughts.

So if I want the site to be shareable with family, Afterthoughts at blogger needs to go.  Of course, I’m only going by theory that deleting the blog will delete that album from my page.  It’s the only way I can find to get rid of it, so I’m going to try it.  Like I said, it’s not serving any purpose by taking up its little corner of space on the web.

So Sunday it is.  Fix those blogrolls now if you’ve been as lazy about that as I have been about cleaning up behind myself.

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