Stupid Thursday night TV.  Or stupid DVR box, I guess that’s really to blame.

See, here’s my problem: There’s too much good TV on tonight, and I can’t record three shows at the same time.  We’re already scheduled to record The Office and Gray’s Anatomy.  But I also want to watch Survivor, which is still playing at that time.  I can watch or record the first hour, but what’s the point if I can’t watch the second?

Or I could just not record Gray’sThe Office is not debatable since it’s for M as much as me, but the other two are my own guilty pleasures.  How do I prioritize?  Which will I choose?

M had the suggestion to look up online whether any of the three shows will have streaming episodes or will be playing them online in the next day or so.  I like how he thinks, but I can’t find any info about that on their websites.  Do any of you know anything?  Will I be rescued from my dilemma?

What would be your own personal choice here?  Or do you have another guilty pleasure that’s even more shameful than Survivor?


2 Responses to Quandary

  1. Erin says:

    Go to http://www.hulu.com/?fromsearch=google&gclid=CLPB_5eG-JUCFQRfagodgWLRFA. They will have any show that you do not record. I know Survivor will replay on the weekend I think too. GOod Luck, I want to watch Survisor and Greys. Cannot wait!

  2. Jessica says:

    I know I’m late, but we run into the same problem here! Because I planned an “Office” party I knew what we’d be watching. Ray LOVES survivor & I’m a Grey’s fan. I just figured anything we couldn’t watch on tv we’d watch on the network websites since they put a lot of their shows online the next day.

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