Funny Friday

Lately I’ve been having problems finding pants that fit.  I have one pair of capris that I wear just about every day because they’re the only pair I have that aren’t too tight or too low-cut.  Unfortunately they are a bit more low-cut than I would like, and I have to be very careful when I lean down or crouch down around other people.  Sometimes I still end up showing a little more lower back skin than I’d like.

M has taken to teasing me about it a little, teaching PJ to say “plumber’s crack” when I lean down.  PJ thinks it’s hilarious, especially the way it makes both of us laugh every time he says it.  Oh, yeah, and he doesn’t say “crack” right.  That’s why now, every night as we leave him in his room at bedtime, we get to hear him say, “Sleep tight, plumma’s crap!”

I just hope he doesn’t repeat that one at naptime at MDO or the next time we visit the grandparents.

Oh, yeah, and thanks bunches for helping me through yesterday’s TV dilemma.  I hadn’t even thought about the premieres being re-aired later.  I’ll set up to record Survivor when it’s on this weekend.  Just nobody tell me anything about it until I’ve had a chance to watch!  And I have yet to watch anything we recorded last night.  We were too busy doing other stuff all evening to watch TV.  Guess what I’m doing during naptime today!

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