Two Milestones

Just this morning PJ hit two different milestones.  The first happened as I was changing his diaper right after getting him up.  He started rubbing his head and told me, “Head hurt.  Bumped my head.”  I knew full well he had not bumped his head, so my best guess was that he had a headache.  We’ve all been fighting an allergy attack, and BabyN kept us up for a good portion of last night because of it.  It’s entirely possible he had a headache from the allergies, or from the sleep deprivation.  I never would have known something was wrong and that I should give him Tylenol if he hadn’t said something.

That was a first for him, to tell me something hurt when it wasn’t obvious, like if he really had just bumped his head.  And he managed to communicate that without screaming or any tantrums.  I like that milestone.

Then at breakfast, BabyN was fighting me feeding him.  He often puts his hands in front of his mouth or scratches his nose to let me know he doesn’t like a food or isn’t hungry anymore, but today I couldn’t tell if he was scratching his nose because it was itchy or if he was just not hungry anymore.  He finally started crying a little, and again I was trying to decide whether to wait him out or quit feeding him.  PJ started making funny faces at his brother and smiling at him, getting him to stop crying and start babbling happily instead.

Then PJ looked at me and said, “Gaga says he want down.  Gaga all done eating.”  (Remember he calls his brother Gaga.)  I tried a few more bites of food with BabyN, and he fought each one of them.  I finally gave up, deciding PJ was probably right.

He had translated for his brother.  How crazy is that?  Not only was he communicating using more words in a sentence than I had heard in a long time, but he found different ways to say it–and it was infinitely more complex than telling me what he wanted.  And he helped his brother communicate.  I’d say that was a pretty big deal.  I’m so proud of him, especially after how yesterday morning went.

One Response to Two Milestones

  1. erin says:

    That is so awesome that he’s communicating with his brother and helping you out by letting you know how he feels! It’s so great when they can start telling you things like this, really relieves a lot of stress! Go PJ!

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