Not Even Close

So what started as a mild allergy attack around lunch yesterday escalated into a full-blown cold by bedtime.  I’m pretty sure it’s the same cold we’ve been fighting for weeks, and my body finally gave up yesterday.

That means today I’m pretty miserable.  I could barely sleep last night for the sneezing and headache.  I wish I could call in sick and ignore my responsibilities for the day.

See, when M had this, he got three days off as well as a whole weekend to start to recover.  Not that he got the good end of the deal, though.  He got the days off because of the silly hurricane.

Usually when one of us is sick, we passively-aggressively play the “I’m sicker than you” game, even when only one of us is legitimately sick.  Okay, so really I do that.  He might to an extent, but it’s just as likely I think he’s doing that because that’s what I would do.  He has a headache?  Suddenly I do too.  And I’m dizzy.  I’m working on this, but it’s hard to just suck it up and let him be sick.

Anyway, sick as I feel now, I’m going to let him win this round.  It sucks to still have to get up and feed two children while holding a tissue to my nose and praying I don’t sneeze for fear of the sharp pain I get in my head every time I do.  But at least I’m not sick during a hurricane.  I don’t have to feel like this for several days without power and air conditioning, unsure of what we’ll eat for our next meal other than another peanut-butter-and-jelly.  I don’t have to make serious decisions about what is best for my family’s protection while fighting the fuzzy-headedness of a cold.

It’s not going to be easy not to complain too much over the next few days, but I need to show at least a little of the composure he did a few weeks ago when he put up with this without complaining during a hurricane.

One Response to Not Even Close

  1. erin says:

    I hope you feel better soon!!

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