Oh, Yeah

PJ’s birthday is on Tuesday.  I’m supposed to bring some sort of treat to school (MDO) for all the students to eat to celebrate his birthday.  My brilliant plan of cupcakes was dashed last week when they sent something home reminding me to bring a treat that clearly stated NO CAKE or CUPCAKES.  Apparently they’re a bit messy and some kids have icing allergies.

M is all for finding some cookies at the grocery store’s bakery, but I can’t do that.  This is the first birthday of the year.  I can’t set the standard by bringing a box of storebought cookies.  I have my Betty Crocker-like stay-at-home-mom reputation to uphold.  I have to at least try something and use the store cookies as a fall-back plan.

This is where you come in.  I don’t cook much.  It appears that I’m pretty good at baking (especially if it comes from a boxed mix), so I’m willing to give this a shot.  If I didn’t want to do your typical chocolate chip cookies, what other child-friendly treats could I make?  I’m open to all suggestions you might have, and the easier they are, the better.


One Response to Oh, Yeah

  1. lilmomma says:

    Given time of year lots of different options muffins,popcorn balls.caramel apples or candy apples.You could do a cookie cake and just buy a little decoration to put on it.Rice krispie treats you could make choc. ones even or regular if I think of anything else I will let you know.Hubby just thought of jello wigglers or different shapes.

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