PJ’s Birthday Follow-Up

The peanut butter and chocolate bars I made for PJ’s class turned out pretty well.  I didn’t like how they looked, but they smelled fine and ended up looking like I expected when they were cut up.  Apparently the kids liked them pretty well too because PJ kept asking for more the rest of the day–until he saw his birthday cake, that is.

The story doesn’t end there, though.  I ended up having a nice, normal chat with another mom as a result of the treat.  Her son has a mild egg allergy, so she had to ask whether the dessert had eggs in it before deciding whether her son could have some.  I had to admit that I couldn’t guarantee it didn’t because I made it from a box (I still don’t think it did, though).

That led to a whole normal conversation on our way out of the school.  I left on a huge high because I had non-business-related social interaction!  She seems really nice, too, and I think a few more conversations like that could possibly lead to a playdate with the boys.  Our sons seem to get along anyway, so that’s a good sign.

I also got to meet PJ’s best friend Sam’s mom briefly yesterday; she was dropping him off at the same time as well.  (Good thing we were a couple minutes later than usual, huh?)  My immediate impression of Sam’s mom is that she is in a very different class and that she’s not quite as down-to-earth as most of the people I usually end up hanging out with, but I wouldn’t turn down an invitation for a playdate there either.  I know better than to refuse the offer of a friendship simply because of a first impressioin.

The rest of PJ’s birthday went really well, too.  My dad was in town for a business trip, so he drove the hour to get here to do the small celebration with us.  Both boys and the dog were in seventh heaven over Grandpa’s visit.  It made the whole thing feel much more like a party to have someone different there.

And it was so awesome to have PJ actually get birthdays this year.  I could barely keep him from ripping open his presents until everyone was there to watch, and he went at it with such excitement.  He loves every single toy he got, which makes me so happy.  It’s fun when they start having more specific interests and you can target toys to those interests.  This morning he woke up immediately asking to go play with his presents and ran right into the living room before asking for breakfast or going outside with the dog, his usual favorite morning activities.

Now I’m anxious for Christmas.  It’s going to be such a blast this year.  I guess I need to start making lists for everything we need to get and do to be ready for Christmas so I can get an early start.  This might be the first year in a long time that doesn’t find me being a grinch until the week before.  I’m going to be that annoying one blaring Christmas music the day after Halloween.


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