Friends for PJ and Me

What a morning!  It was a special day at PJ’s school, with police cars and motorcycles, a fire truck, and even a police horse there for the kids to see.  Because of the events, parents were invited.  Of course, I decided I just HAD to show up.

You know if you’ve been reading for a while, that this was pretty far out of my comfort zone.  What time would I need to come back to his school?  What would I be doing while I was there?  How would I interact with the other children?  Would I be the only mom to show up?

But it was worth my discomfort to be there for my baby boy.  It was great getting to watch him around his school friends.  And of course I settled in after a few minutes and started feeling more comfortable there, even when BabyN started losing it.  The other kids were curious about me and BabyN; it was cute to see how they reacted to the baby.  The sweetest was the little boy who handed me the baby doll who looked amazingly like BabyN, I guess thinking that the doll must be my baby too.

Another mom ended up coming back for the activities as well, and it was nice getting to meet yet another mom.  I don’t see her as my future BFF or anything, but she seemed really nice.  The two of us helped with crowd control.  It was certainly needed with ten two-year-olds and one three-year-old (PJ) who all wanted to go their own ways–especially PJ.

I learned a lot about how PJ compares to his peers and how he interacts with them from that one hour at his school.  He doesn’t have any issues different from his peers and actually seems more mature about some things.  The problems I noticed may be more severe than his friends, but they’re not unique (like throwing things or wandering off or insisting on doing what he wants not what he’s being asked to do).  He is definitely behind, but not as far behind as I’d thought.

I learned a lot of respect for those teachers too.  They didn’t get one second to rest with all those kids.  It was pure chaos, and they’d have to work miracles to keep that from happening.  They were doing an awesome job of keeping the chaos to a minimum.  I can certainly see why they always have two of them in the classroom.

And best of all, on my way in I ran into that other mom from Tuesday again.  We brightened when we saw each other and chatted for a few minutes.  I learned her name from the sign-in sheet, and it’s definitely something I can remember, my maiden name.  I think maybe there’s a chance we will be more than just MDO friends in the future, but until then I will look forward to our five-minute chats on our way in and out of the building.

This whole making friends thing feels a lot like dating to me.  Why does it have to be so hard?  On the bright side, I still have my good old high school friends to hang out with every so often.  They may not have kids yet, but we still connect because of our shared history.  Tomorrow I get to hang out with one of them (with that same maiden name of mine…curious).  I’ll have to let you know how that goes when we get back from our excursions.

2 Responses to Friends for PJ and Me

  1. erin says:

    That’s awesome that you went ahead and went to the school event! Keep going to things like that–it gets easier! I know we’ve emailed in the past about how much alike we are. I have to say that ever since I got Hailey involved in going to the Parents as Teachers events that they have every couple months here in town it’s a lot easier for me to go and not be apprehensive at all. Even though a lot of the moms there are more sophisticated or older or look at me like I must be some little teen mom or something, I can look past it and interact with the ones that are really friendly! One thing that still makes me uncomfortable though is disciplining Hailey at events like that. I’m pretty firm with my discipline and most other moms don’t seem to be at all.

    Hopefully you and the women you’ve talked to a couple times will continue to talk and eventually set up a play date! It’s weird how much like dating making new friends in, I definitely know how you feel!! Constantly wondering if they’ll call after you’ve exchanged numbers, wondering what they’re thinking after you leave from a play date or get together, wondering how they view you LOL it shouldn’t be this hard!! Maybe we just over think it, ya think?? I still say it’s too bad we don’t live closer, we could get together all the time and be shy and awkward together! 🙂 Well ok I know I’d be shy and awkward…

    Anyway I’m rambling…my point is, I’m happy for you!! 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    I love that you say making new friends is like dating – I’d enver thought of it that way! I think you’re totally right, though (even though my husband is the only guy I ever dated & we started out as friends frist anyway). There’s the awkwardness wondering if you’re going to have anything in common, anything to talk about, etc. I had my second playdate yesterday with a new friend – it was fun but still nowhere near being BFF’s!

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