Sorry about my extended absence here.  I just haven’t had any motivation whatsoever to blog, on this blog or the family one.  I hate the guilt I feel about it, but that’s apparently not quite motivation enough to actually write something.

Nope, there’s nothing going on, nothing wrong.  I’m just finding my extended blogging time to be challenged by many other priorities these days.  I’m also looking into adding another one: exercising.  I hit a new highest non-preggie weight this morning, and my self-esteem is at a new low.  I absolutely must make time to start working out so that I’ll feel like I’m doing something about it, even if I don’t see any changes for a good long time.

So anyway, to end this totally lame post, if I’m not around much for a while, now you know why.  Maybe I’ll find motivation again soon, though, and this whole admission will have been pointless.

Oh, yeah.  I did it again.  PJ’s teachers were looking for parents to sign up to bring stuff for the class’s party on Circus Day (in lieu of a Halloween party), and the only slots left were fruit or cookies.  Duh.  I signed up to bring cookies.  Right now I’m considering making some sugar cookies and cutting them out in the shape of a clown or monkey or something.  But since I’ve never done that before, I’m also open to other ideas.  It doesn’t have to follow a circus theme, but I think it would be cute if the cookies did.


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