This and That

It seems I’m in a mood to do choppy, bulleted posts today.  Sorry.

–I may have found a solution for the costume dilemma I’ve blogged about far too much already.  I presented the problem to my mom, who has since been thinking about circus costumes I could do for PJ.  She remembered a tiger costume that she made many, many years ago that all four of us kids wore at one point or another.  It is still sitting in her attic and should be approximately the right size for PJ.  It’s probably not the cutest costume in the entire world, but it has sentimental value.  If it’s still wearable, he will wear that.  Then when I mentioned the possiblity of dressing like a tiger for Halloween and showed him some pictures online of tiger costumes, he quickly became obsessed with tigers and tiger pictures.  Even if the costume doesn’t fit, I think we’ll find a way for him to go dressed as a tiger.

When I told M about the sentimental value attached to this costume, he told me about a pumpkin costume he wore as a child that he wished his mom hadn’t gotten rid of.  That gave me the idea to dress BabyN as a pumpkin, even if it’s not the same costume, also for the sentimental value.  I ordered the pumpkin costume online last night.  I don’t care of neither costume is the perfect costume as far as cuteness or originality; they are perfect for totally different reasons this year.  That’s good enough for me.

–Funny story: Yesterday morning I was nursing BabyN in bed, our normal morning routine.  When he finishes eating, he usually sits up next to me while I’m still lying down and plays for a minute before we get up for the morning.  Yesterday when he was finished, he sat up and played, then suddenly decided he wasn’t finished eating after all.  I hadn’t closed up shop yet, so he saw the boob, then leaned over where he was sitting and went at it.  The way he was positioned, he was lying on one leg; his foot was literally under his head.  It looked incredibly uncomfortable, but he looked perfectly happy lying there like a contortionist.  I’m starting to believe he has double-jointed hips.  Even for a flexible baby, that was pretty crazy.

–The stupid dog got out of the yard again this morning.  I let her out by herself for just a minute because she was begging to go out and hadn’t peed yet since getting up, and I was busy with taking care of the boys.  I knew the second I heard the knock on our front door that she had gotten out again.  Sure enough, there was our neighbor with her–again.  Unfortunately, it rained most of the day yesterday.  When she dug out, she was digging through mud.  She was covered with it.  I took her straight to the bathroom and gave her a good bath.  Even afterwards, I noticed she was tracking mud all over the house.  And of course the house smells like wet dog now.  I need to go back and do more cleaning today than I’d normally do in a week.  I love her to death, but I’m so irritated with her right now.  Why does she insist on digging out when it’s obvious how happy she is here?

–This is kind of embarrassing.  Without telling the whole story, basically M and I (mostly me) woke up PJ last night from our “adult activity.”  That was a first.  I know I’ll laugh about it later, in that embarrassed laugh, complete with red cheeks, but for now I’m just hoping and praying he doesn’t remember and doesn’t ask any questions.  Thank goodness for his limited language skills.

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