We had one more short testing session for PJ this morning.  When it ended, I had a quick minute to talk with the speech pathologist who was doing the testing on him to get an idea about whether they thought he would qualify for special ed services.

She almost seemed surprised I’d asked.  Apparently there was never a question in her mind after that first meeting.  They did the extended testing to be able to write a complete report and determine exactly which areas he qualified in.  I don’t remember exactly what three areas she mentioned, but I know two of them were speech reception and pragmatics (conversational skills).  They were the exact same things that ECI had said he was having problems with.  At least they’re consistent.

When my mom asked a week or so ago what I wanted them to find, I had to admit that I wanted him to qualify.  I know that he has problems, and it would be very frustrating for them to say he doesn’t qualify, keeping him from getting the help he needs.  I am certainly not looking forward to all the therapy sessions and meetings we have ahead of us now, but they will be worth it for PJ to catch up and be ready for school in a couple of years.

I’m focusing on how good this will be for PJ and not the disappointment I feel in knowing that he still has such obvious problems.  I’m working on not letting the special ed label get to me.  With any luck, being a part of the special ed program now will keep him from having to deal with the label when he actually starts school.

And now, partly to distract myself, I need to go work on baking those cookies for PJ’s class tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.  I’m also letting PJ help out, I think, so this might be interesting.  He’s never really helped me cook before (partly because I’m chicken and partly because I don’t cook).  I’m sure I have quite the experience in front of me.


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