Asking for Help Yet Again

November 19, 2008

I’m at a loss here, so I’m turning to you experienced, more creative mothers to find solutions for me.  As usual.

Problem #1: Diapers

Both boys have had problems lately with leaky diapers.  They are both currently wearing size 3 Pampers Cruisers.  Is there a better diaper out there for boys?  PJ could step up to a size 4, according to their weight specifications, but BabyN is still too small.  (I’d prefer he step up to big boy underwear, but unfortunately we’re nowhere near there yet.)  Do you think the bigger diaper would help with the leak issue overnight?

BabyN’s problem may not be solvable with a different diaper, but I’m still open to the advice.  You see, he sleeps on his belly with his butt in the air (totally adorable, by the way).  All that pee hits the front of his diaper, and gravity pulls it down toward his belly.  It leaks almost every day, and I simply don’t have enough pajamas to change him when he wakes up early in the morning soaked in pee.  (He usually goes back to bed for another hour or two, so I’m reluctant to put him in clothes for the day yet.)

Are there better diapers for baby boys, with more protection up front?  Or is there something I can do on BabyN that will soak up more of that pee before it hits his clothes?

Problem #2: Pants

Last week PJ went to the doctor for his three-year check-up.  He has gained less than half a pound from his two-year check-up (but the doctor isn’t worried, oddly).  He has grown about three or four inches, though.  He is actually solidly on the chart in height, when his weight is lagging far behind the chart still.  That makes for a tall(-ish), skinny kid.

Pants are hard to find.

He is wearing 18-month pants–usually.  He still fits into some of his 12-month pants, but I’m making a real effort to pass those down to BabyN, since he now needs them more.  Besides, even if they fit fine around the waist, they’re starting to look like high-waters.

The pants issue is what sent us shopping this weekend.  I was really proud of how many perfect pants I found for both him and BabyN, but when I tried to put him in a pair of them this morning, they were huge.  The perfect length, but unable to stay up around his waist.  I tried his brother’s size of the same pair of pants–still huge around the waist but too short (which means they’ll be too big around the waist on BabyN too).

I’m incredibly frustrated.  We have the exact same pair of pants for him already, and they fit beautifully.  That’s why I got these pants specifically.  I can’t believe that the same style and same maker of the pants (even in the same year) don’t fit the same way.

I already took the tags off, too, so I’m not sure they’ll take them back.  They weren’t expensive at least, but I hate thinking we wasted that money.  Do you think I should try to take them back anyway?

And the bigger question: How do I find pants to fit such a skinny kid?  It’s been a struggle all season but is suddenly getting worse, and I’m getting frustrated by it.  Also, is it appropriate to try clothes on him at stores like that to make sure they fit before we get home?  I’ve never seen it happen, but that doesn’t mean people would look at me funny if I tried it, does it?

The Consequences of the Baggy Pants

November 17, 2008

Oops, I failed at the whole posting-every-day business.  Life kind of intruded this weekend.  I do regret that I didn’t manage to do it, but it’s pointless in the long run.  At least it got me posting something more regularly again, right?

The most interesting part of the weekend was yesterday when I went to look for clothes for PJ to wear.  We got a pretty strong cold front on Friday, so I finally pulled out our long-sleeved clothes.  PJ has been wearing pants to school every day, even when he could probably do shorts just fine, and yesterday was laundry day.  He had one pair of pants left, and I was pretty sure they were too big.

Sure enough, PJ walked around all day holding up his pants with one hand.  (He kept telling me to “fixa da pants, pants bwoken.”)  I took quick stock of how many long-sleeved shirts he had and all of BabyN’s cool weather clothes and declared we needed to make a trip to Babies R Us (the ABC store, as PJ calls it).

The way the timing worked out, though, BabyN was down for a nap when the rest of us were ready to go.  M and I shrugged, and I loaded up PJ to go with me while M stayed home with BabyN.  Normally if that had happened when we were about to run an errand, I would be the one to stay home while M took care of business, but he’s not so confident about buying clothes for the boys.

So PJ and I had a “date.”  I don’t know that I’ve been out alone with him since before BabyN was born.  It was really fun, and much easier than dealing with both of them at the same time.  He seemed to thrive off the special attention as well and didn’t throw any tantrums until naptime (and that wasn’t because he had to take a nap).  It made the whole day with him go a little easier.  I’m hoping we can find more opportunities for either one of us to spend alone time with him if something that simple can make such a difference.

M seemed to enjoy the quiet time at home, too.  BabyN was still sleeping when we got home, so he had had that whole time to just chill.  He rarely ever gets time at home alone, so I’m glad he got that time too.

And the best part is that now I get to dress the boys in brand new, adorable clothes for the next few days.  Sometimes I wish we were made of money so that they always had new clothes to wear.  Yes, I like the feel of new clothes that much.

A Cop-Out Post

November 13, 2008

I don’t want to break my blogging streak, but I really don’t have much to say, and I don’t feel like taking time to write much.

PJ had a good day.  He actually participated in his music class at MDO today, a first for him, and even the music teacher made a point to tell me that on our way out.  He also fell asleep on the bus on the way home from pre-school this afternoon.  He was up really late last night, just talking, and I guessed early this morning that it would be an exhausting day for him.

Of course, his five minute nap on the bus kept him from taking a real nap when he got home, so it was a long evening until we could put him down to bed.  He was totally out of control.  How come being banned from a nap at pre-school means we end up with the raw end of the deal and not them?

But tomorrow is another day, a day when we can all sleep a little late.  I hope the boys take advantage of that because I sure plan to.

Flu Shots All Around

November 12, 2008

PJ had a check-up at the doctor this morning, and he got his flu shot.  I also got one there.  I swear I will never get a flu shot from anyone else.  Nurses who are used to giving shots to tiny babies all day give the best shots.  PJ hardly wimpered when he got his.

BabyN needed to finish up his shots too, two more of his 12-month ones.  The poor thing was already tired, so he didn’t handle them so well.  He fussed all the way back out to the car, and nothing I did comforted him.

He was fine as soon as he got a long nap, but I’m starting to think the spots on his legs are bothering him again.  I put him down for a nap quite a while ago, and he’s still fussing in his room on and off.  That is highly unusual.  I think I’m about to give up on his afternoon nap and hold him until he feels better.

At least he’ll probably want to go to bed early tonight.  We have another busy day tomorrow that starts quite early, so I won’t argue with an early bedtime for any of us.


November 11, 2008

I’m hoping I’m just sensitive, that maybe it’s hormones.  I’m hoping I’m reading into what was said and that the remarks weren’t meant to be hurtful and cutting.

It was when M came home for lunch.  I joked about how I’d left the clothes in the dryer since Sunday but that I really was going to get to them today.  He said something along the lines about how that was about as likely as finding the toilet paper roll had turned gold, in a teasing tone of voice of course.  What is that saying about there always being a grain of truth in a joke like that?  I already feel sensitive enough about it because I hate when I procrastinate on household chores.  I feel like I’m letting him down as well as myself, and having him point it out, much less make a joke out of it, only makes the guilt worse.

There was another comment during the same half hour that started with, “Now don’t get offended…”  Of course that meant I was going to get offended.  At least this one wasn’t about what I do about the house, but it was a thinly veiled insult.

M isn’t normally like this.  He’s the one who reassures me when I start feeling down on myself, who is my biggest fan.  If he ever makes jokes about me, they’re totally silly and something that I’m in on (like when he would call me fat in front of people while I was pregnant).

That’s why I don’t want to bring it to his attention.  He’d be hurt if he knew he’d hurt me, and it would only be worse if he was forced to admit to himself and me that there was some truth behind the hurtful comments.

And the best-case scenario would be to discover that I am just overly hormonal today and was taking his comments out of context and blowing them out of proportion.

The Magic of Not-Summer

November 10, 2008

I have lived in the far south most of my life.  I was born in a northern state but moved before I started forming memories, so all I know is life with only two seasons: summer and not-summer.

I complain about how hot it is in summer and how cold it is in not-summer, but really I don’t know life any other way.  Sometimes I wonder how I would cope with living in a cooler climate.  I think I’d appreciate the summer weather, unless it got cloudy and cool for days on end.  I’ve spent some summers in Maine, and it just doesn’t feel right to be able to survive without an air conditioner at all or have to wear sweaters every morning and all day some days.

I doubt I could handle the cold weather of winter.  I’ve lived here too long where I pull out my long-sleeved clothes on the first 60-degree day and start searching for my winter coat when it hits fifty.  The thought of having snow on the ground day after day, week after week, is almost overwhelming (although personally I wouldn’t mind having at least some snow in our not-summer season).

What I want most to experience in a cooler climate is those other two seasons we never really get.  I hear all these wonderful things about fall: crisp, cooler air, colorful leaves.  It just doesn’t seem right that I have evaluate Halloween costumes on whether they would make my children swelter in that 80-degree weather we have basically guaranteed.  Who trick-or-treats in mosquitoes and shorts?  Or for that matter, who wears shorts on Christmas?  Been there, done that.

I get oddly nostalgic when I see other people’s pictures of the fall on their blogs.  I’m nostalgic for a fall I’ve never known and only heard about.

I keep hoping that one day in my future I will be able to find myself somewhere new, somewhere different, where I can experience all these lovely falls I’m missing.  I might even find it in me to accept a frigid winter if it meant I could claim all these beautiful autumns as my own.  At least until I pulled out my winter coat in September.

Weekend Nonsense

November 9, 2008

Shoot, I’m so short on blogging material on the weekends.  My brain is fried from the utter laziness, and I don’t even have anything going on to mention.

I’m thrilled to be having such a lazy weekend, though.  I was getting behind on sleep over this last week.  I was staying up too late, and the boys were getting up earlier than normal thanks to the time change.  Finally today I feel caught up and ready to run headfirst into another busy week.

Tuesday will be the first day we try PJ in both MDO and his new pre-school.  Wednesday he has a doctor’s appointment in the morning before pre-school, and Thursday is MDO again.  Not much sleeping late around here, that’s for sure.

So far pre-school seems to be going well for PJ.  He asks every morning if he gets to go on the “hool boos” and is disappointed if he doesn’t get to go.  After the first day of school, he randomly spouted off his alphabet up to P at dinner and started singing songs the next morning.  The next evening, we held an entire conversation in which he answered a direct question from me with a firm, “No.”  All three were firsts.

I can’t guarantee these developments have happened because of school, but it does seem coincidental.  I wonder if maybe he’s much more complex than I gave him credit for.  Maybe he’s had the capabilities to do all of this locked up inside him all along and was just unable to open up and let us know what he could do.  Maybe pre-school was the key that unlocked all of that in him.

I have hope that by this time next year, he will be declared a normal four-year-old.  I see hints of that already.  But if it doesn’t happen, I’m happy knowing how happy he is at that school.  He is growing and maturing and loving every moment of school, so that is good enough for me.