Cool-off Period

November 5, 2008

Well, I’m glad that election stuff is over.  Now my TV can be overrun with Christmas commercials instead of political ads.  Maybe we’ll all ignore our divisive political views once again and bond over everything we have in common instead.  Oh, yeah, and maybe the news will once again report about anything other than the campaigns.

In news closer to home, I figured out why I was as emotional as I was about PJ’s new pre-school.  It turns out I was overly hormonal.  I love how I can never predict that and only recognize in retrospect that I was just a bit insane the day before for a good reason.

It also helps that after some thinking time, we have found what may be a compromise between pre-school and MDO.  We’ve already paid for the month of November and will not likely be able to get our money back thanks to the suddenness of his withdrawal from the school, so we’re going to try letting him go to MDO in the mornings.

It may not work out.  That’s a really busy schedule for PJ who hasn’t had much of a schedule his whole life so far.  He won’t get a nap until after 4:00 on a long, long day, and he may not be able to cope with that.  We may also decide that his tuition may not be worth it for two hours twice a week.  Still, they do most of their activities in those two hours.  I like that he’ll still have a chance to be around “normal” kids too, since this pre-school will be all the special ed kids in his program.

I had a good talk with his teachers at MDO last night about what was going on.  At the time I was still pretty sure we’d just be withdrawing him, and I wanted them to have a better idea about what had happened.  It turns out, though, that one of the teachers has a five-year-old autistic son, and a couple of years ago they had to make the same decision between MDO and the school district’s special ed program.  She knew exactly what I was going through.  Of course, I ended up making a different decison than her, but the different circumstances make the different decisions necessary.  Either way I was able to find a sympathetic ear about the whole business.

In about an hour, PJ will leave for his first day of his new school.  Yes, he will be riding the bus.  I found out a little more about that too.  Apparently I did have an option about whether he rides the bus, even though they didn’t offer me that option.  The problem is that he needs to have the same transportation to and from school every single day, except for the extremely rare extenuating circumstance.  While I would love to take PJ to school myself for his first day, if I did so I would be expected to take him to school every day.  Why would I want to do that if transportation is provided?  We will all get used to it after a few days, and it will be a good experience for him–and probably me too.

So before I gripe anymore about this situation, I will give us a few days to get used to the way things are going to be now.  At the very least, I am looking forward to my relatively free time I will get every afternoon.  I’ll update again after a few days of the new routine, and we’ll see then if it’s anywhere near as awful as I thought it would be on Monday.