Weekend Nonsense

November 9, 2008

Shoot, I’m so short on blogging material on the weekends.  My brain is fried from the utter laziness, and I don’t even have anything going on to mention.

I’m thrilled to be having such a lazy weekend, though.  I was getting behind on sleep over this last week.  I was staying up too late, and the boys were getting up earlier than normal thanks to the time change.  Finally today I feel caught up and ready to run headfirst into another busy week.

Tuesday will be the first day we try PJ in both MDO and his new pre-school.  Wednesday he has a doctor’s appointment in the morning before pre-school, and Thursday is MDO again.  Not much sleeping late around here, that’s for sure.

So far pre-school seems to be going well for PJ.  He asks every morning if he gets to go on the “hool boos” and is disappointed if he doesn’t get to go.  After the first day of school, he randomly spouted off his alphabet up to P at dinner and started singing songs the next morning.  The next evening, we held an entire conversation in which he answered a direct question from me with a firm, “No.”  All three were firsts.

I can’t guarantee these developments have happened because of school, but it does seem coincidental.  I wonder if maybe he’s much more complex than I gave him credit for.  Maybe he’s had the capabilities to do all of this locked up inside him all along and was just unable to open up and let us know what he could do.  Maybe pre-school was the key that unlocked all of that in him.

I have hope that by this time next year, he will be declared a normal four-year-old.  I see hints of that already.  But if it doesn’t happen, I’m happy knowing how happy he is at that school.  He is growing and maturing and loving every moment of school, so that is good enough for me.