Asking for Help Yet Again

I’m at a loss here, so I’m turning to you experienced, more creative mothers to find solutions for me.  As usual.

Problem #1: Diapers

Both boys have had problems lately with leaky diapers.  They are both currently wearing size 3 Pampers Cruisers.  Is there a better diaper out there for boys?  PJ could step up to a size 4, according to their weight specifications, but BabyN is still too small.  (I’d prefer he step up to big boy underwear, but unfortunately we’re nowhere near there yet.)  Do you think the bigger diaper would help with the leak issue overnight?

BabyN’s problem may not be solvable with a different diaper, but I’m still open to the advice.  You see, he sleeps on his belly with his butt in the air (totally adorable, by the way).  All that pee hits the front of his diaper, and gravity pulls it down toward his belly.  It leaks almost every day, and I simply don’t have enough pajamas to change him when he wakes up early in the morning soaked in pee.  (He usually goes back to bed for another hour or two, so I’m reluctant to put him in clothes for the day yet.)

Are there better diapers for baby boys, with more protection up front?  Or is there something I can do on BabyN that will soak up more of that pee before it hits his clothes?

Problem #2: Pants

Last week PJ went to the doctor for his three-year check-up.  He has gained less than half a pound from his two-year check-up (but the doctor isn’t worried, oddly).  He has grown about three or four inches, though.  He is actually solidly on the chart in height, when his weight is lagging far behind the chart still.  That makes for a tall(-ish), skinny kid.

Pants are hard to find.

He is wearing 18-month pants–usually.  He still fits into some of his 12-month pants, but I’m making a real effort to pass those down to BabyN, since he now needs them more.  Besides, even if they fit fine around the waist, they’re starting to look like high-waters.

The pants issue is what sent us shopping this weekend.  I was really proud of how many perfect pants I found for both him and BabyN, but when I tried to put him in a pair of them this morning, they were huge.  The perfect length, but unable to stay up around his waist.  I tried his brother’s size of the same pair of pants–still huge around the waist but too short (which means they’ll be too big around the waist on BabyN too).

I’m incredibly frustrated.  We have the exact same pair of pants for him already, and they fit beautifully.  That’s why I got these pants specifically.  I can’t believe that the same style and same maker of the pants (even in the same year) don’t fit the same way.

I already took the tags off, too, so I’m not sure they’ll take them back.  They weren’t expensive at least, but I hate thinking we wasted that money.  Do you think I should try to take them back anyway?

And the bigger question: How do I find pants to fit such a skinny kid?  It’s been a struggle all season but is suddenly getting worse, and I’m getting frustrated by it.  Also, is it appropriate to try clothes on him at stores like that to make sure they fit before we get home?  I’ve never seen it happen, but that doesn’t mean people would look at me funny if I tried it, does it?

5 Responses to Asking for Help Yet Again

  1. lilmomma says:

    When the kids started leaking I stepped them up a size..I always swore by pampers baby dry..all the boys pants come from old navy or jcpennys and I have gotten them slims with adjustable waist since they were 12 dont want an elastic waist cause they never stay up on scrawny know this one to well…my fav. pants are the old navy ones..if they dont have a slim yet in his size just get the adjustable waist …

  2. Erin says:

    I think Huggies are better with boys, I have one of each. And I also now use Costco because they absorb everything! Pampers always leaked for me with my son no matter what the size. Huggies and Costco will send you a sample to try it out for free. That is what I did and I was sold!

  3. Kristin says:

    Pampers Baby Dry always worked for us too. We have the most success with pants from The Children’s Place (always purchased on sale) or Old Navy with adjustable waists (taken almost all the way in).

  4. Tammi says:

    I had the same problem with the diapers. I personally tried them all and found Luvs worked best and cost less. You could also use a diaper doubler for night time. They are also great for traveling when you can’t change a wet diaper easily. I have even in a pinch (Kansas City, MO) bought generic adult absorbency pads. Hope this helps!

  5. Sugar & Ice says:

    I wouldn’t pay so much attention to the weight specifications on the diapers. Moving up a size has always been the answer when dealing with frequent leakage. I obviously don’t have boys, that that’s been our experience. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in one brand being better than the others….we’ve used Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Target, and several other generic brands. The only ones I’m not a fan of have been Luvs…not because they don’t do the job, but just because they feel like paper…way too rough in my opinion. You could always also try Huggies Overnights…those work really well…but it’s defintely cheaper just to go up a size at night.

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