It’s snowing.

The last time it snowed here was December 25, 2004.  The time before that was February 1, 1994.  Yes, it happens infrequently enough that I can remember the specific dates.  This will be another day that goes down in history: December 10, 2008.

Even better is that it is the first time either of my children has seen snow.  Scooter was laughing hilariously at it, probably in response to my own reaction.  I have yet to see what PJ thinks since he’s at school right now, but I can’t wait to see what his reaction is.  Good thing his heavy coat that I’d ordered last week got here yesterday.  (By the way, yesterday we were a little warm in short sleeves, and today it is snowing.  That’s quite a cold front.)

Hopefully it will snow long enough that some will accumulate so I can get pictures of the first time the boys have played in snow.  Those will be some priceless pictures.

One Response to OMG

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh, how fun!!! All we’re getting is some incredible rain, wind & a bit of thunder. 🙂

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