Looking Forward to Christmas

I can’t believe it’s less than a week until Christmas.  PJ has his Christmas party at pre-school today (in short sleeves, gotta love the weather here), and then he’s off for two weeks.  M will be too.

In a way, I’m glad PJ will be all ours for two weeks.  I know he’ll drive us crazy some (ok, most) days, but he needs the time off.  He has started clinging to me badly, reluctant to let me leave him at MDO even.  His sleep schedule is so messed up because of school interfering with his afternoon nap that he’s impossible to handle.  It will be good for him to have two weeks of no set schedule and lots of family time.  Oh, and nice, long afternoon naps.  That will be his Christmas present to M and me.

We are going to my parents’ house for Christmas again this year, but we’re staying in a hotel for the three nights we’ll be there.  We’d planned at first to do Christmas at home this year and set our own traditions, but when I realized what I’d be missing with the entire family there, I hinted to M that I’d like to go after all.  He took the hint and found a way to make it happen.  It is going to be super stressful given some of the personality conflicts in that group, but I’m hoping all of the family fun times will balance it out.

After we leave, we’re going to spend a day or two with M’s family.  M’s mom was doing her manipulative thing when they heard we were going to see my family after all, and the easiest way to get her to leave us alone about our decision was to drive all the way out there to spend some time with them.  We had offered to let them stay with us for a few days, but it was too far to go just for a day or two.  But apparently it’s not too far when you have two kids and a dog and a van full of presents as well.  At least we’re keeping the family peace, right?

I have all my Christmas shopping done.  We’re waiting on two more shipped presents to get here, one of which is too big to take with us and PJ will just get when we get home, so it doesn’t matter if it gets here late.  I am NOT looking forward to wrapping all those presents.  We really went all out this year, which is fun to watch them unwrap, but it’s not nearly as much fun to get it all wrapped.

On a different note, I’ve realized that this reluctance I’ve had to blog lately is more than just a problem with blogging.  I haven’t felt like talking to anybody other than M and my mom.  I haven’t called anybody in weeks and don’t care to, and I’m even reluctant to make small talk when I’m running errands and stuff.  I’m assuming this social introversion will run its course (maybe it’s related to the season?) and things will get back to normal soon.  This is a good sign that I wrote such a long post, right?

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