Details–Way Too Many Details

This may be an extremely boring post, but since some of you actually want to help me instead of just listening to me whine (thank you, Kristen), I thought maybe it would help if I gave a little more detail about my diet and exercise routine.

Diet first:

Breakfast–I usually have a small bowl of cereal or an oatmeal bar on mornings I don’t have time to sit and eat something.  I have a glass of grapefruit juice with it most days.  I used to eat Pop Tarts almost every morning and just didn’t eat if I didn’t have time, so I think this is an improvement.

Lunch–It’s usually a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich or a small portion of leftovers from the previous night’s meal with a glass of milk.

Dinner–This varies more.  I’ll be the first to admit that this is my least healthy meal of the day.  M and I try to cook something about five nights of the week.  It is usually something super easy and covered in cheese and lacking many veggies; we’re not great cooks, so it’s great that we make anything at all.  The other two nights are usually fast food.  Not something I’m proud of, but it’s a vast improvement over fast food four or five times a week like we were doing for a while.  (For the record, I am not against healthier meals as long as they are as easy to cook as the simple meals out of boxes.  I don’t have the time or talent to do anything more than that right now.)

Snack–The only snack I have during the day most days is right before bed.  I know this is the worst time to eat, but I have pills I have to take before bed, and I have a little trouble swallowing them.  A couple of bites of something after makes them go down easier.  I have cut the snack down to literally a few bites, an improvement over a couple of cookies.  I usually take the pills with a glass of milk too.

I also drink at least a bottle of water during the day–not as much as I probably should be drinking, but all I can stomach.  I get water-logged easily.


Since I started doing Wii Fit, I have been aiming for a full thirty minutes of “fit credits” each day.  Since those thirty minutes take a good forty-five minutes to add up with all the clicking you have to do between each activity, I find it difficult to schedule time for more than that.  I’ve been doing about 12 minutes of yoga, 5-8 minutes of strength training, 10 minutes of aerobics, and a couple of minutes of balance games if I just need a minute or two to reach the 30-minute goal.  Most days, I focus the aerobic activity on the more strenuous activities, like jogging and hula hoop (it’s WAY more activity than you think it’s going to be).  I agree that the other aerobic activities are kind of pathetic–better than nothing, but not exactly helpful to get you buff.

I have also increased how much I’m doing around the house, using chores like vacuuming to add some extra activity into my day.  These may not be calorie-burners, but they’re better than living life as a couch potato.

I decided after yesterday’s frustrating weigh-in that it was time to accept the Wii Fit’s limitations and ordered a workout DVD from Amazon.  I’m hoping that a real thirty-minute aerobic workout staggered with the Wii Fit routine will jump start actual weight loss.

Even though I was ready to just give up yesterday, I hate the way I look right now and fit into clothes that I can’t just let it win.  If I have to work even harder and eat even less, then I’ll have to do it, as much as I hate it.  It’s better than staying like this.

But while I’m thinking about it, I have two questions about complaints I’ve had lately that I can only assume come from my new diet and exercise routine.

1. I’ve been getting headaches every afternoon and evening.  I thought they were probably from dehydration, so I started drinking lots and lots of water every afternoon.  The water isn’t helping.  The weather has been bad for sinus problems, so it’s quite possible it’s a sinus headache (which would explain why ibuprofen isn’t helping either), but it seems weird for it to only kick in in the afternoons and evenings.  What do you think?  Are there other possible causes–and solutions–I’ve overlooked?

2. I’ve always had weak ankles, so it’s no huge surprise that one of my ankles has started bugging me.  I’ve cut back on jogging (partly because for the first time ever I need a good sports bra and don’t have one yet), thinking that would help the ankle problem, but it just keeps getting worse.  I’m trying to work out despite the pain because I know I tend to use any excuse to just throw in the towel.  M seems to think the pain sounds like a pinched nerve.  I really don’t know what to think.  Ibuprofen isn’t helping this either, and it’s excruciating to even walk much around the house some of the time.  How would I go about easing the pain if it is a pinched nerve?  I’m not ready to consider the possibility that it’s something else quite yet because that would almost certainly end the workouts for at least a short time and I know how likely it would be that I would start them back up once I have to stop.

I know that part of the reason the weight is being stubborn is probably my IUD.  I’ve always been sensitive to hormone changes, and I think my body is just overreacting to the different hormones, partly by making me gain weight.  I hate the IUD for other reasons too, so I’ve been thinking about what my options would be if I got it taken out.  I have a feeling that the diet and exercising would be almost a moot point if I do decide to change birth control, but until that happens, I have to do this the hard way.

So, if any of you made it through this excruciatingly boring post, do you have any advice for me?  Thank you in advance.

2 Responses to Details–Way Too Many Details

  1. Jessica says:

    I read the whole thing. 🙂 I didn’t get to comment on the previous post so I’ll just comment here.

    As far as food, I’d look at your liquid intake. You mention juice with breakfast, milk with lunch, & milk with your evening snack. I don’t know how large your glasses are, but I know my everyday glasses actually hold 2 cups of liquid. Let’s assume yours are the same. That means, even if you’re drinking skim milk, each glass of milk would be around 180 calories. Right there that would be 360 calories a day just from milk. I’m not sure about grapefruit juice, but orange juice has 120 calories a cup. If your glasses hold 2 cups like mine, that’d be 240 calories a day from juice, totalling 600 calories a day just from liquids! Juice, even with no added sugar, is very sugar laden so watch out for that, too.

    I wonder if the headaches could be caused from low blood sugar. You don’t mention any snacks between lunch and dinner and going that long without food definitely makes me feel ill! You might want to try some fruit (like an apple) & cheese or nuts or maybe a banana with peanut butter. You could also try whole grain crackers with some cheese or hummus. Aim for around a 200 calorie snack.

    As for the workouts, hula hooping burns approximately 100 calories in 10 minutes & is great for your abs! I hula hoop quite often. 🙂 However, I don’t tend to put it into an aerobic category, I don’t find that it gets my heart rate up like a brisk walk or a stair-stepping session does.

    I don’t know how Wii Fit works (I’m still in the dark ages) but if you can, I’d try to focus my workouts on different days. For example, one day just do 30 minutes of cardio. The next do strength training & yoga. Just a thought.

    Also, if you need a fabulous workout video, there’s on from the 80’s that I still use & it really does the trick! It’s called “Body Basics” by Kathy Smith.

    Right now, I’m doing something through called “Reach Your Goal.” I chose the program to lose the baby weight. I, too, have 20 lbs. to go & basically none of my old clothes fit. I like it because it has some specific workouts to do (which are geared to fit into a moms schedule) & it tells you how many calories you’ve burned. You can also keep a food diary with the calories – I know it surprises me to see how they’ve added up! They also have meal plan ideas.

    So, do I win for longest comment ever?

  2. Jessica says:

    Oh, as for your ankle, I really don’t have much advice except that if you find you can’t do the cardio & stuff at least keep up things like yoga & any strength exercises that won’t hurt. 🙂

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