The Plan

More for myself than anyone else, here are the changes I am making in my diet and exercise plan:

1. Pay attention to the calories I’m eating.  Yesterday I ate less than 1500 calories.  I think that’s pretty typical for days we don’t eat fast food.  I think I’ll eat healthier if I’m just aware of how many calories I’m taking in each day.

2. Drink juice and milk in more moderation.  That probably means I’ll have to drink more water each day, but it’s starting to look like I don’t have a choice.  I’m also drinking a small glass of V8 Fusion at lunch instead of milk.  It’s only 50 calories (instead of 1oo-ish) and gives me at least one serving of veggies each day.

3. Pay attention to when I’m hungry, eat slower, and watch for when I’m full.  I tend to overeat sometimes because I can’t stand to waste the food on my plate.  If I stop when I’m full, regardless of what’s left on my plate, I’ll probably eat many fewer calories each day.

4. Pay attention to my body when it comes to exercising too.  I finally decided the ankle pain was severe enough the other day that I should rest until it gets better.  Two days later, it feels fine.  I’m back at it today.  I’m planning to start with less traumatic activities on my ankle this time to see how it feels, and if it starts hurting again, I’m backing off.

5. Tomorrow I should be getting that workout video I ordered.  I plan to work out with it three or four times a week and do yoga and/or strength workouts on the off days.

6. Start weaning Scooter.  How does this connect, you ask?  In a very convoluted way.  I haven’t wanted to work out lately because of the nasty, crippling headaches I keep getting.  I’m almost positive the headaches are sinus related, and the wimpy allergy medicines I’m allowed to take while nursing aren’t cutting it.  I need to be able to better control the headaches to feel better overall, and I can only do that when Scooter isn’t nursing.  He’s almost sixteen months old, after all; it’s about time.  For now, I’m just no longer offering him the boob during the day.  He’ll get it in the morning and if he wakes up at night needing the comfort and if he asks for it during the day, something I doubt will happen.  We’ll look at the next step once he (and my boobs) are used to this new routine.

7. Get a real sports bra this weekend so that I am able to do the bouncier exercises once my ankle can handle them again.

I’m serious about this plan.  I’m not ready to give up and buy a new, larger wardrobe.  I can’t let myself be defeated until I’ve exhausted every single approach to losing weight.  Wish me luck!

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