Longnecks, Three-Horns, and Sharptooths

How about something non-fitness-related today?  (Although you might be interested to know that things are going well, as my incredibly sore muscles can attest.  Hopefully I will have a good update soon.)

You might remember that PJ’s cherished comfort object is a stuffed dinosaur, one that happens to share his middle name (long story).  That random affection for his dinosaur has extended to all things dinosaur.  We now buy him clothes and pajamas with dinosaurs on them and are starting to accumulate a nice little collection of dinosaur toys.  PJ also clearly asks for his dinosaur favorites regularly.

Saturday we accidentally took it to a new level, though.  There was nothing on TV, typical for a Saturday.  M was cruising through our on-demand movies to find something appropriate to play in front of the boys.  I didn’t really think much about it when he suggested The Land Before Time.  We had laughed the night before about how on-demand had three of the movies listed and how many more there were that hadn’t made the cut, and then reminisced on how long it had been since we’d seen the movie.  I assumed M was suggesting the movie out of nostalgia more than anything.

Then I saw PJ’s face when he saw the dinosaurs walk across the screen.  Oh, yeah, it’s a dinosaur movie, something that would not escape PJ.  The rest of the weekend, any time the TV was on, PJ asked endlessly if we could watch the dinosaurs.  We gave in more than I’d like to admit.  (Most weekend TV is pretty pathetic after all; it’s not like we had anything better.)

If you’re curious, apparently the T-rexes and their huge, pointy teeth are actually funny when they run after the little baby dinosaurs.  I was worried that part would be a little scary, but PJ was enthralled by the action.  Typical boy.  I hope they keep the “dinosaur movies” on on-demand for a long time.  Otherwise, I’m sure we’ll be investing in at least one of them.  How can I deny my boy the object of his passion?

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