Thoughts on the Inauguration

I’m actually watching some of the inauguration, something I didn’t expect to be doing today.  Normally I avoid coverage of politics altogether; it frustrates me too much to see the arguments, long-winded speeches that promise impossibilities, and hypocrisy.  And yes, it’s on both sides.

I hate watching people be praised for things they had no hand in accomplishing, and I hate watching people be criticized for things they had no control over.  I hate the way the media subtly–and sometimes not so subtly–dictates what and how we should think about political figureheads and issues.

That said, I’m seeing many different opinions about the historic event taking place today.  There are some who embrace today and the hope it entails, who are practically giddy at the prospect of the change in store for our country.  There are others who are more cautiously optimistic, unwilling to place the weight of perfection on our incoming President.  There are some who are probably crying as they watch what they believe to be the beginning of the end.

I personally have mixed feelings about all of this.  No, Obama was not my personal choice for President.  Honestly, I wasn’t particularly thrilled with any of the choices.  Still, I don’t exactly think he’s the anti-Christ (something I have actually heard).  I can’t help but get a little caught up in the excitement.  I’m interested to see how he does as President, and I’m proud of our country for breaking the racial barriers in electing him President.  Yet at the same time, I have to admit to some misgivings.  He can’t possibly be as perfect as many people seem to think he is, and the country is setting itself up for a huge disappointment to expect that from him.  I’m trying to push aside my misgivings, excusing them as leftover frustration from an election that didn’t go the way I’d hoped.  Instead, like the rest of the country, I plan to make “hope” the word of the day and wait to see what is in store for us on this momentous day.

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