What Else Have We Missed?

Yesterday evening, about an hour and a half after the boys went to bed, our doorbell rang, fortunately not waking up the boys.  It was one of our neighbors.  She was clutching several opened envelopes.  It took all of about half a second for me to comprehend the situation.

You see, our mailmen basically suck.  At least once a week we get some of our neighbor’s mail, or they get some of ours.  I would say it’s an underhanded effort to bond us as neighbors, but I’m pretty sure it’s just laziness.  It would be more concerning if it wasn’t usually just junk mail.  I’m pretty sure that most of them take the envelope we hand them and take it right to the trash.

Still, I was glad our neighbor had made the effort to bring our mail to us, even if she had opened it by accident.  She explained that she was getting ready to pay her bills and realized that she had two bills from the same people.  Only then did she recognize the name on the bill was ours, not hers.  She apologized sheepishly, especially because she admitted to having had the bill for a week or so already.

I told her it wasn’t a problem, smiled big, and greeted her three young children who were all still up and outside without jackets on in the chilly weather.

When M and I looked at the bill a little while later, we realized it was an uber-important tax bill.  The postmark on it was in the middle of November, and the bill was due over a month ago.  We were very lucky that our mortgage company pays this bill for us and that we weren’t actually late on it.

My questions are this: 1) She’s just now getting around to paying an incredibly important bill that was due over a month ago? and 2) Her mortgage company doesn’t take care of it for her?  From what I understand, that’s standard.  I’m concerned that her family must not be doing that well if they’re putting off major bills like that.

At least we weren’t hurt by her procrastination and the post office’s mistake.  Once again we lucked out.

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