Noggin Is Now Our Default Channel

While we were on vacation, my parents kept the boys for several days while M and I got some time away to ourselves.  It was a great bonding time for M and me, and a good way for my parents to get special time with their grandsons.  One of the ways they had to compromise from some of our parenting habits, though, was watching some different children’s shows than we usually play at home.  There are very few shows I can stand to watch, so we DVR those shows and always have several to choose from when it’s TV time.  My parents had recorded a few, but more of the time, my mom would just turn on Noggin and let them watch whatever was on.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything Noggin plays, other than being insanely annoying sometimes.  I recognize it’s merely a matter of personal preference, so I’ve made it a point not to cringe when PJ asks for Dora or Diego or Gabba Gabba now.  If there’s an episode on, I’ll let him watch and find something else to do so that I can ignore the TV.  (On the bright side, I don’t know when I’ve kept the house cleaner.)

In the meantime, though, I have learned that the more ridiculous the show is, the more hypnotic it is for young children.  Oh, and some of those shows are totally trippy.  Yo Gabba Gabba?  There are not words to describe this show.  I love it for the way it holds my boys’ attention–but that’s about the only reason I do.  It is WEIRD.

The shows I’ve found I can stand in moderation are Blue’s Clues (with Steve), WonderPets, Backyardigans, and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.  I still detest Dora, Diego, and Yo Gabba Gabba.  All the rest fall somewhere in between.  I’m curious.  What kids’ shows do you like to watch with your kids, and which ones do you hate but let them watch anyway?  And while we’re polling, what do you see is a reasonable amount of TV time for your kids each day?  How strictly do you stick to that guideline?

4 Responses to Noggin Is Now Our Default Channel

  1. Sugar & Ice says:

    I think an hour or so a day is ok, but I don’t always stick to it. I let her watch whichever show on Noggin she likes. I don’t particularly like any of them, but I don’t really watch them with her, so I can’t say they annoy me too much

  2. Jessica says:

    I think I don’t mind so much that we don’t have cable. 🙂 Ray still turns on PBS for Addison on the mornings I’m working, but she’s more of a run around kind of kid & only watches snippets (I’m pretty sure Ray enjoys it more than she does!) lol

  3. Emma says:

    I guess your Noggin would be the equivalant of our Treehouse. My girls have probably watched every single show they have on, along with every show that PBS and CBC kids have. I’m not a big fan of the Night Garden, but then I don’t really watch too much of their shows. In fact, neither they do…I think the TV is more backgound noise for them.

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